Sunday, October 2, 2011

rambling reflections


This is the third blogtoberfest that I have participated in. Strange really. How did that time pass so quickly? And why do I still feel so new to blogging? I’ve just been scrolling through early posts to remind myself that I have now been in the blogosphere for three years, that some friends have been reading along with me for most of that time, my children have grown so much, and I have grown even more. Wow-zas. Does my head in a bit really.

So why did I start blogging? I really have no idea. A friend of mine had a blog and one Friday night I couldn’t get to sleep and so I thought “hey why not?”. It coincided with being ‘lost’ after the birth of my second child and gifted fabric remnants and from there I started to sew and started reading blogs to teach me how. I don’t think I would still be sewing if it hadn’t been for the blogosphere. It has taught me so much through various tutorials and inspired me even more. More importantly through blogging I have developed so many treasured friendships and been encouraged to keep creating and giving it all a go. Since blogging I no longer feel quite so alone and isolated, I have built real connections with people that I value more than words can describe.

Of late I have been pondering why I keep blogging and what exactly is it that I want to blog. When I first started blogging I never realised what an important personal record it would become. This blog really has become a chronicle of my personal development, concurrently telling the story of my family’s growth. One of my great fears in life is loosing everything to fire or flood. Each summer I watch people experience great loss on the television and I can’t help but make a mental inventory of the precious things I would loathe to lose. It is because of this fear that I do try very hard not to become sentimentally attached to possessions, and is one possible explanation as to why I am more of a minimalist than a maximumist. To this end having a memoir in the blogosphere feels important, something that the natural elements will not be able to take away from me.

Scrolling through the bloggy-past I am reminded that I used to post art that I loved and in someway was metaphoric of the time. I’m going to try to do this again. I also used to post about the books I was reading to my children, time to do more of this again as well. On and off I post about favoured recipes I think this is a keeper – after all “you are what you eat”.

Can you believe that when I started this blog I had no idea how to crochet? It seems really foreign to imagine a “me” that couldn’t crochet. Hooking yarn has become such an important part of who I am, such an essential part of most days. Next year I’m planning to learn how to knit so this blog will continue to document learning new crafts.

Oh bollocks! I’ve been rambling on now and haven’t even really introduced myself. Sorry about that if you’re new here. As the name at the top of the right-hand column suggests I’m Sally – a thirty-something crafty vegetarian mother of three. Geez … there surely is more to me than that. Please hang around to find out.


  1. Great post - it's nice to reflect on why we started. Looking forward to seeing some art and books in your space, along with your creativity! Nic

  2. Can't wait to see how your knitting journey develops, I'm always available to help, though I am still learning something new with each project!

  3. I think it was through your first Blogtober that we 'met' I am forever grateful to Cathy for facilitating 'meetings' such as this.
    I know what you mean about not feeling alone with the bloggy world - as a stay at home parent the social contact from like-minded people is one of the things I value most about blogging, that and the deeper friendships it has allowed me to make.
    Looking forward to reading along with you for lots longer Sal.

  4. I just wanted toleave a comment that even though I don't comment that often, I still read all of your posts and you probably have even more passive readers than you care to know about. We're out there and it's lovely to read about what's happening in your little world in our little world a whole half planet away. Love always from the soon-to-be snow covered land up here (well, it hasn't arrived yet, but first glimpses should be coming soon). xxx

  5. nice to meet you sally!
    what a great reflective post, totally understand where you're coming from :D


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