Thursday, October 27, 2011

snowboard pjs

hanging out sewing in the grey room

Baby and I are hanging out in the grey room today. A perfect sewing day. Grey ominous skies outside, the older two away for a couple of hours and the washing machine working overtime trying to keep up with all the pant wetting and nappy explosions that has been going on around here.

I’ve changed the colour of the thread in the overlocker and delved into the WIP box. A inverse relationship has been discovered between the cupboard and the WIP box. It has been noted that as the cupboard empties the WIP box becomes more at risk of overflowing.  There has been some flannelette PJs partially cut up in the WIP box since the beginning of winter. The hurdle was that I didn’t have enough material to make a top and I didn’t want to do my traditional appliqué a t-shirt. So today I cut up an old black t-shirt of mine for the sleeves and finally sewed them up. I cut the sleeves so that the hem from the t-shirt acted as the leave cuff. Easy peasy partial refashion. Perhaps E. can wear them for the next few nights and then with any luck spring/summer weather might decide to come out of hiding.

snowboard PJs

It is possible that a few cardinal sewing rules have been broken here. Is it okay to mix stretchy knit with woven flannelette? Not sure which twin needle I should have used for the binding around the neck – there was stretch and woven material to sew through. I just used the stretchy one … and again for the hem where there wasn’t a stretchy knit in sight. You might think I was partaking in rebellion, but let me assure you it was just pure laziness.

twin stitched neckline 

It sure is easier to sew using a twin needle on a woven hem than a stretchy neckline. That is for certain.

twin stitched hem

PJs are all nicely folded on the big boys bed now waiting for him to get home and hopefully give his seal of approval.

There is loads of creativity happening over here, but before you head on over a gratuitous baby shot of my little helper…

gratuitous baby shot


  1. The pajamas look great. I'm not sure which needle I would have used either. It's a bit like my black and white stripy t-shirt - whites or darks? Baby O is growing very quickly. Perhaps a little too quickly.

  2. Great idea, I am trying to get rid of alot of wip's... but other ideas in my head usually get top priorty..... and snap I made PJ's for my eldest out of this material... its mine and his favourite pair.
    And thanks for sharing the last pic.... what a gorgeous bubs

  3. Very cool pjs Sally, I love that print. Aww Master E is so cute Sally, he looks like a happy little boy. It sounds like the two of you had a nice day together indoors, I like days like that. x

  4. I love those PJ's and I am sure they are going to be a big hit with E! Master O is growing too fast, I had some cute nappy soaker pants to send you but I will have to send the next size now :-) Are those teeth buds showing already?? He is so cute!

  5. Wow -- love those PJs a lot. Makes me want to go snowboarding right now!

  6. Lovely PJs, I'm sure they've received the seal of approval by now. And your darling babe is such a sweetheart!

  7. Love those pj's.. they are super cool! What a lucky little man :)

  8. You are amazing with all the recycling of the clothes - I mean AMAZING. I cannot make clothes for the life of me - nothing like what you have done. BASIC skirt is as far as I have gone...

  9. oh he is growing so fast, & filling out! PJs are great too. Who cares about which needles! As long as the thread does what it's meant to! lol

  10. You are on a major roll of sewing mojo at the moment! Baby O is looking just fabulous and I bet Mr E just loves his new pyjammies, how could he not!

  11. I bet they were a hit. I used that fabric with a black top for my nephew. It looks great Sal.


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