Sunday, October 9, 2011

sunday snippets

1. game

2. craft

3. strawberries and homemade biscuits
4. toothy cheese 5. brother and sister 6. press
7. popcorn 8. remote 9. sleep

Playing along with tinniegirl.


  1. Looks like a beautiful day. I am super impressed with the fact that you are doing blogtoberfest with a new born and with your fab photo layout. I think I might need a few lessons. Have a happy week. x

  2. Your pictures are fabulous like usual. Love popcorn, what an effective shot! lol Is your baby growing super fast like mine is? lol Lovely set of pics.

  3. Oh, look at your gorgeous Sunday Snippets. Like Kate, I'm pretty impressed with your blogging efforts.

  4. Lots of goodness there Sal - sleeping baby, laughing children, a snap press in action and food shaped like little letters!

  5. Love that middle photo of Miss M and the little gorgeous!



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