Sunday, October 16, 2011

sunday snippets

In chronological order…

1. early morning stitching 2. night feed 3. morning decaf
4. swimming lesson 5. finishing 6. lunch
7. outside temperature 8. christmas craft at Brown Owls 9. in the car
10. heading home 11. afternoon swim 12. self portrait

Playing along with tinniegirl.


  1. It looks like a hot day today wow 36 is hot! Swimming in the pool looks like the best way to keep cool and sitting in the airconditioning too. I hope tomorrow is a cooler day. x

  2. Oh good idea to do Sunday Snippets and the self portrait. Looks like a busy, yet fun (and hot!) day :)

  3. Wonderful ... loving your pics and topics ... love them ♥

  4. Hi, it was hot here today - love your pics - great idea.

  5. Pics were fabaroo!

    36 - oh man.... we probably topped 14 here today. Lots of rain. I wont complain.

    Happy week Sal

  6. Looks like you had a great day. 36!!! No wonder you had 2 swims.
    What is that you are making for Xmas? Did you make the little one's pants, loving the fabric!

    Have a great Monday!
    xo Jen

  7. Lovely photo's.

    Have a great week!

    Leah x

  8. Great pic - I particularly like the last one! I just read your explanation for your blog name - Love It! mika x

  9. outside temp 36! I can't wait for that weather here in Radalaide!

  10. It was 39 in the kitchen here on Friday before we had a hail storm! Love the night feed photo :-)


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