Sunday, October 23, 2011

the wonky onesie and the oopsie hat

The cupboard clear out continues. The plan had been to participate in my very first Friday Night Sew In but out of the blue I was knocked for six on Friday and much of Saturday with what must have been one of those mysterious twenty-four hour virus thingies. Urk. Being sick is awful. Breastfeeding with an aching and feverish body is even worse. Thankfully all over now so no point dwelling on it. So whilst my Friday night of sewing was an utter non-event I did muster some energy to have a mini-Saturday Night Sewing session.

Courageously I decided to use my newest twin needle. My first twin needle was broken the first time I used it. For this attempt I thought it might be prudent to undertake a bit of YouTube research into the art of threading the machine using a twin needle. Whilst the one clip I watched used a machine that bore no resemblance to my own, some wisdom must have been passed on as this time round the sewing part itself felt like cruising on still waters rather than wrestling with a wildebeest. My skills in execution sadly have not improved. Wonky stitches reigned supreme.

wonky onesie

A wonky onesie. I was not liking my wonky stitches at all as I sewed this little suit together but now they’re almost growing on me. It certainly doesn’t look shop bought… and that’s a good thing, right?  full length knit skirt


The material was salvaged from a pretty ordinary full length knit skirt. I bought the skirt when I was pregnant with E. It didn’t get a lot of wear. Despite being a skirt it still felt like wearing a tracksuit… and let’s face it if you’re in the mood for wearing trackies then you’re not going to be in the mood to wear a skirt. Well that’s my take on it anyhow. 

Between you and me I spent an embarrassingly large amount of money on this trackie skirt so I’ve found it difficult to part with it when purging the closet for salvo donation runs in the past. Hence living in the cupboard.




With some of the excess material I whipped up a little baby hat too.

Perhaps I “whipped” a little too frantically …

oopsie baby hat

I call it the Oopsie Baby Hat. Do you see why?

Operating on auto-pilot late at night I sewed the hem using the twin needle – but on the wrong side! It isn’t too bad. For no better reason than laziness the bobbin thread is different to the upper thread and so an interesting effect is created. I’d like to say it’s deliberate… but alas no.

So that was my Friday night sewing that wasn’t.


  1. Love em both especially that sweet little hat! Great use of recycling an old skirt too!

    Enjoy your week!

    Leah x

  2. So impressed by all the sewing you've been doing recently. I'd love to get into sewing clothes, but am a bit scared to do so incase I waste lots of fabric making clothes that don't fit anybody!

  3. My sewing is always a little wonky when I am sewing with stretch but then again, if you really look at the sewing quality of bought items, most of the time it is actually worse than the little wonks we make.

  4. Don't be so hard on yourself- I'm impressed (& I love the names you've given them!)

  5. Bobbin colour coordination is for boring folk, rock the clashing colour or different to fabric colours, are you being judged by a spinster craft teacher, no!!
    You did a great job, i haven't sewn with my twin needle since i got my machine like a decade ago. If it broke i'm sure it would take another decade to replace it. Love Posie

  6. I am massively impressed that you even got time to thread the machine! Love it!

  7. Still did a great job. I am very impressed with all this recyling!

  8. Doesn't look wonky at all to me? It looks super cute and the hat too :-)

  9. Hello Sally,

    Oh you did a wonderful job with these outfits. I wouldn't worry about the stitching being on the wrong side. A lot of outfits put the stitching on the outside. So you are completly up with the fashions. Especially love that hat.

    Happy days.


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