Thursday, November 3, 2011

the cupboard

That was then, this is now:

the cupboard after 

After a month of doing bits and pieces, just little bits here and there, the cupboard is looking a lot better.  The WIP box is looking close to overflowing so that is the focus of my creative endeavours at this time. Just trying to finish off a few projects that were started in order to clean out and use up bits and pieces that I’d been hanging onto.

 froggy shirt



This froggy shirt is the latest piece to be refashioned. I bought it for a dollar a while back because I just new that the frog print would be good for children’s clothes. The material is a lovely mid-weight woven cotton.









froggy pants

These froggy pants worked out rather well. They fit baby O well. They’re pretty cute and quite different to things found in the stores. I like that.

However I didn’t do so well with the little refashion t-shirt top. I now know that not all t-shirts are the same amount of stretchiness. tops

I made the singlet on the right first, but the shirt that I used didn’t have much stretch in it at all. I can’t even get it on over baby O’s head. I totally overcompensated with the second attempt (left) which was made from a different old black t-shirt with a lot more stretch. If I’d made the first singlet with the second t-shirt I think the result would have been perfect. As it is the second shirt will probably fit him for a couple of years! That’s value I suppose.

froggy bits 

My first born child has seized the original singlet for a teddy bear to wear so I suppose it wasn’t a total failure. And the making did provide me with more practice time using the twin needle. twin needle practice

I think I’m actually starting to get the hang of it.

Good fit or not, my baby boy sure does look cute…

baby O wears frogs

Now go take a leap over here where creativity flourishes.


  1. So cute - it looks great on him and yay to it fitting for a little while - babies grow so quickly.
    Do you have a singlet pattern or do you just wing it?

  2. that is so cute sally. i love your chubby little model in his manly outfit

  3. What a good feeling to clear through old jobs. O looks good in his black and recycled fabric. Cherrie

  4. When you are finished with your cupboard you are welcome to my ROOM! It is overflowing, and not with creativity at all. I´ll get there, maybe over christmas if I get some time. Love little O and his chubby chin!

  5. That is such a striking really suits him. You are so clever.

  6. oh wow they look awesome! Very clever! & the cupboard is looking very good. Good job!

  7. It looks like you've mastered the twin needle. The cupboard is looking really organised now (though I'm a little frightened to see the WIP box?) and Baby O is looking very stylish. He even has the model pose all worked out. What more could you want?

  8. ahw so SOOooo cute!!!

    i could smoother that georgeousness in kisses!!!

  9. Very cute outfit for your bub. And I feel your pain when you make something and it doesn't. really. fit. Thank goodness for well dressed teddies.

  10. wow the cupboard is looking fantastic! and the little man looks very cute in his new attire! very clever!

  11. I hear you on the cupboard, have had a similar weekend. Love the grottoes well done.

  12. He certainly does look gorgeous!! :-)

  13. Hi Sally,
    I'm new to all this sewing business & the way you recycle old clothes is truly amazing! It's inspiring & I love reading your latest invention.
    p.s. your babies are sooo cute :)


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