Tuesday, November 29, 2011

going slow when it is just right

Today was neither too hot nor too windy. It was just right.

beautiful blue sky

The sky was the most magnificent blue. The perfect day to walk to the shops. In the car I am guessing it would take less than three minutes to drive to our local centre and I’m supposing that we could do a round trip to pick up a DVD and some milk in about half an hour – I do have three children in toe remember – but today, walking, the round trip took almost three hours. It was glorious.

brown paper bags

The “big” kids (who are still both under 5yrs) were each given a brown paper bag to collect things and we weren’t too far from home when it became apparent that we were collecting ingredients to make spells.  We collected gum nuts, leaves, bark, a feather (urk! – so dirty but hey I faked being so ‘how wonderful’), flowers, stones, sticks… lots of ingredients. We stopped at a playground on the way there and the way back: swinging, sliding, climbing. We all held hands when we crossed roads and walked through car parks. We discussed which trees would be the best for climbing. We had much amusement playing with the ultra modern and hard-core hand dryer in the public toilet at the shops – seriously full on I tell you – the skin on your hands wobbles and moves around like a persons face when they’re sky diving – those of us that are short enough to stand under it created some awesome wind-blown hairstyles too!


We chose DVDs ($2 Tuesdays is pretty much a fortnightly tradition in these parts!) and we got almost everything on our shopping list – including cat food and dental floss – but we did forget the garlic. No matter. We came home and ate fresh bread rolls for lunch and sorted our loot before chill-axing in front of some DVDs.


Later when the children’s Dada came home from work he cooked up their concoction on the stove so that they could play outside casting incantations for the end of the afternoon.

Without doubt a magical day.


  1. Sounds wonderful indeed! I sat outside and decorated some Christmas paper and made gift tags, was just lovely. I should also have gone for a walk but the motivation just wasn't quite strong enough... tomorrow (I keep telling myself)

  2. don't you just want to bottle those days to keep forever!!!!

  3. What a wonderful trip and day! We discovered those handdryers in the airport at Townsville earlier this year - they are truly amazing! (we played for ages!!)

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  4. Ah, I can relate to the fake "How wonderfuls". Up there with the fake "How funny" with regard to fart noises and "How interesting" to a 20 minute explanation of some electronic game. We parents get good at all of those.

    It does sound like a magical day. Esp daddy cooking a pot of magic potion. Did he cackle and say "Double. Double. Toil and trouble" ?


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