Friday, November 11, 2011


red poppy

… to live in a peaceful democratic society

… to have freedoms to express my identity and my views

… to know that there is assistance at hand in a state of emergency

… to have my loved ones with me, sheltered from the elements

… to be and to live amongst the wealthiest people on Earth.

… to not live in perpetual fear

… to the people who have fought so that I can live such a privileged life

… to the people who have made the ultimate sacrifice

… to the people who live with mental scars and endure nightmares whilst I sleep soundly

… to the families who are now one short

… to the women living without their other half.


I remember.

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  1. Beautifully said, I remember too.

  2. and I am grateful to read something so eloquently written that says everything I wanted to say myself but couldn't find the words ... peace

  3. This is beautiful Sally, thank you & the image is simply beautiful, very special indeed. Love Posie


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