Monday, November 14, 2011


some of the stash

Last week was a bit quiet on the blog front around these parts. Perhaps a bit of a hangover from Blogtoberfest. Probably more to do with things just being “not quite right”. Nothing was especially wrong, rather it was just one of those weeks where everything felt harder than it should, children lost “it” quicker than they usually do, things didn’t fall into place as easily as they might and there was a feeling within that I just couldn’t quite put my finger on to describe. It was all a bit blah, a bit tangled and messy you could say.

Funny then that I should spend much of the weekend on Ravelry creating an inventory of my yarny stash. I’m not particularly sure why all of a sudden it struck me as important to list every yarny possession of mine online and initially it felt quite strange to do so. What would other people think of the yarny treasures and bargains that I hoard? I was quite embarrassed actually. Feeling almost ashamed of all that I had, feeling weird that I was showing it off. As I persisted the benefits became quite apparent. Re-familiarising myself with my stash was inspiring and I wished I done it earlier as the very day before I had ordered two more balls of Parchment 8ply cotton from BWM completely and blissfully unaware that I already had three balls in my stash (for what purpose is now completely forgotten).

At the end of the process I didn’t feel so embarrassed. On the contrary, after checking out other people’s stashes I felt like my stash wasn’t so grandiose at all, and could in fact tolerate a little bit of fattening up. Maybe?

Are you on Ravelry? If you are do come and check me out. I’ve found some of you already but I’d love to hook-up [*sniggering at my own pun*– how pathetic] with more of you. Perhaps you’d like to pop by and take a squiz at my stash? Or see the projects I’m planning to attempt soon?

… and while I’m talking about  ravels and tangles and so forth – have you seen the Australian TV series Tangled? I borrowed the DVD of Series 1 & 2 from my local library. It is very good.


  1. When I get a few days like that I look au to the night sky for confirmation....and yup! it's a full moon.

  2. Hello Sally,

    Nothing wrong with ordering more wool or not remembering why we purchased some. I think that is perfectly normal. Now if you had no stash and no projects on the go that is not normal. Hope you have a better week this time around.
    happy days.

  3. My Ravelry page is rather poor show I'm afraid. I spend too much time on FB and blogging and feel guilty when I start on Ravelry. I do have millions of things in my favourites though! :-)

  4. I've joined ravelry because I enjoy crochetng occasionally but I haven't really found my way around it. I think there is nothing wrong with stashes so long as they are looked after. Well preserved stashes of fabric or yarn will always be useful one day. Great that ravelry has a way to catalogue them. I would hate to attempt that with my fabrics. Cherrie
    PS Although not joined I am a mad Pinterest viewer.

  5. ow ow ow I am on Raverly as well - not sure if I can remember my pass word and all.

    WIll try.

    My stash look pathetic to yours! Which is a good thing as I just dont have space to put it. Says me who got sucked in to buying some cotton balls today at SPotlights 30% off everything sale!

  6. Great post!
    I love your blog, so, I'm following you.
    Come to visit me too.

  7. We all have weeks like that, lucky each new week is a fresh start, except Mondays they're hectic for me, but you know what I mean, anyways, I think it's a great idea to catalogue your stash, a great place to find inspiration from too. Hope this week finds brings you more calm and happy days :)

  8. I'm on Ravelry too, I just friended you. I haven't really "ravelled" my stash. I really have no idea of what I have, but I do know that it would be much quicker than cataloging my fabric stash. I wonder if there will one day be a fabric-y version of ravelry?


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