Friday, November 25, 2011

red and white

I’m rather fond of red and white – the colours of the most awesome footy team known to mankind. So when I spotted a swap with the theme of red and white I was naturally always going to be in.

The Haby Goddess Kris Kringle 2011[1]

Here is my offering that was sent on its merry way earlier this week:  bits of red and whitestitchy santa 

I do so hope the recipient likes.

I enjoyed a bit of stitchy fun and hooking up a chrissy star is always a pleasure… and gingham. I am going through a bit of a gingham phase at the moment. Love love loving anything remotely resembling gingham.


  1. Love your handmade christmas decorations. You have given me an idea of what to do with some white chunky yarn that I thought would be enough to make my little girl a scarf but alas Not! so will have a go at making some crochet decs instead :)

    Leah x

  2. Hi Sally, I have just caught up with all your news from the last 10 days. It's hard to know what to say, it's such a personal thing. I've experienced many states of mind about cancer. My own father has had a very slow progressive and incurable cancer for the last 10 yrs. Working in a specialist surgery, I see many brave people every day and I see lots of families pulling together and getting on with doing the do. My hope is that he will in time be frank and open with his family because it is so much easier if the disease can be acknowledged warts and all. It is very unknown and that is what is scary. Today he sees his grandchildren growing and thriving and that is how it should be.
    So glad you persevered with your hexi balls. I'm afraid that would have made me relegate it to the UFO pile.

  3. Those stars look great! I am about to embark on some hand-embroidery. I might come looking for you if I run into any trouble.

  4. I love the crocheted stars! Crochet is so amazing!

  5. Are you crazy? They'll LOVE them! Mind you, I'm also all about the gingham right now. I confess I've always loved gingham (must be that fresh-faced country girl in me, right?) I think these are just perfect, Sally.


    PS - Thank you for your kind words on my post today. Much love. x

  6. Hi Sally,
    I am Jenni the truly lucky recipient of your ornaments and I do LOVE them. Thank you so much.

  7. Hullo! Thanks for the welcome back to blogland message today :) Truly brightened my day!

    And I do believe your recipient is going to love these (they are gorgeous!)



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