Monday, November 28, 2011



The ripple blanket is growing. As I hook I ponder. Lots of things float in and out of my thoughts. I struggle to take my ideas as far as I’d like. The thoughts are racing at a pace that I just can’t keep up with.

A snapshot of my mind as I hook:

  • the ripple pattern written using music notation – the meter signature would be 4/4 time for sure.
  • shopping list – forgot to get cat food and dental floss today – must not forget next time near shops
  • how do DVD rental stores make money these days?
  • Dad
  • theories relating to the subaltern and The Help, a white author giving a voice to negro characters – is it problematic?
  • Asymmetrical reciprocity – need to improve my conceptual understanding
  • why didn’t Harper Lee write more novels
  • will it ever be possible for me to listen to a song produced by Phil Spector without being creep out.
  • what is going to happen with the European economy, if they’re in so much debt who actually has the money?
  • need to vacuum the floors tomorrow
  • I was young and caught in the crowd; I didn't know then what I know now; I was dumb and I was proud and I'm sorry; If I could go back, do it again; I'd be someone you could call friend; Please, please believe that I'm sorry. Does James really exist? If so, what did he think of Kate’s song?


  1. I've wondered that about Harper Lee too!

  2. My mind is more blank when I crochet. My place where the mind races is in the shower. And I feel the same about the Help (though I haven't read it) and Phil Spector albums.

  3. I get creeped out by mamas and papas songs now. I've started telling myself off when I find I'm singing along. God damn all those very talented people ending up so evil!

  4. That's the sort of bouncing my thoughts do when I am spite of the cranked up (mostly 80s) music.

    That blanket is going to be beautiful, Sal. Such a gentle, relaxing colour combination.

  5. I wonder about James too, and how does Kate sing that song without crying. I would make a crappy pop-star.

  6. I don't know Kate- but I am so positive that James is real. I hope he's heard the song!! I really love that song. I just google harper Lee- I never knew she was a woman. Anyway,
    Gregory Peck (who played Atticus in the movie) has a grandson named Harper after her! When Annie was in my tummy she was known as 'Scout' I still call her that every now and then. I haven't read or seen the Help, but I would like to. That blanket is awesome. And, I hope you thoughts of your dad are happy ones, not just all worry. Take care....glad to see other peoples head spaces can be as random as mine- thanks for that!

  7. My mind often races too when I am crocheting, flitting from one thought to the next :)

    This ripple stitch is so effective and the colours you are using remind me of the beach.



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