Thursday, November 24, 2011


pile of pentagons

A big thank you to all for your heartfelt comments on my last post. If you’re anything like me you may well struggle to know what to write after a blogging pal shares some sad news or confides tough times but after Monday I now know that it isn’t necessarily what is said more the knowledge that people care enough to speak. Thanks again to all it meant a lot to know I was not alone.

 cutting pentagons

Life goes on… and today I am working with my fabric scraps. On the weekend I started cutting pentagon shapes and today I continue to sort through my bits and pieces. I have come to realise that there is no time to use all the bits and pieces I have saved over time so I’m having a bit of a clear out and taking a bag full to my son’s school for crafting.

something aint right

Some unpicking is also in order. This doesn’t look very “ball like” now does it???  Whilst I understand why it isn’t working I have been reading and re-reading the instructions of the tutorial I’m following and I can’t quite figure out what I should have done. I might very well be playing with this for the remainder of the day. I need to figure it out because I have pieces ready to make at least three of these!!!

Yesterday my not-so-little anymore baby O turned three months. What the? Where has that time gone. It is around this time that his age will be no longer recorded in weeks rather in months. The time just didn’t fly by so fast with his older siblings.

3monthsbaby O @ 3 months

A start has been made on his blanket, there has been some unravelling too. It gives me so much pleasure to be hooking him a special blanket. So lovely. Crocheting is certainly so good for the mind, it’s meditative powers cannot be underestimated.

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  1. I just wanna kiss that baby, he is truly scrumptious!

    Hope things go well for your Dad, the early days are tough not really knowing what to expect.

    Sending Hugs x

  2. Yes you are right crochet is just good for the soul and the project you are working on will help you through some emotional turmoil. Sorry to read your post from yesterday. Such hard to process news.x. Your bubba boy is most certainly scrumptious!

  3. If you used 6 pieces for both halves you should be able to just whack some stuffing in there and a ball should emerge. This tutorial has good photos -


  4. I do know that the kids soccer balls are a mixture of hexagons and pentagons...?

  5. Hextastic!! I'm just ordering fabric on line now to do a huge hexagon quilt, i can't wait to get cracking on it with new hands!!
    Oh look at those cheeks, so gorgeous, what a handsome young man.
    I hope my parcel puts a smile on your face & gives you some distraction from your papa, he'll need you to be uber positive, love Posie

  6. Wow he looks less like a baby suddenly! Funny how they suddenly do that & another milestone is over.... boohooo... Enjoy him & his squishy cheeks - & chin! lol

  7. I can't help you with those hexies I am a dunce at getting my head around sewing. Little O is so gorgeous! Yep crochet is god....just what I said in your last post :-)

  8. Good luck getting your head around your pentagon ball - see I'm not the only one wanting to call them hexagons! In my head I would take those two under the pink floral and the yellow checks out and then (in my head) it would fit together?

    Three months already, goodness thats gone quick!

    Glad you found a bit of peace with the crochet xx

  9. Hi Sal. First, your dad - only just read the post about the 'c' word' - I know it's not fashionable but I'll pray for him, and for you. Can I ask what type of 'c'?

    Second, baby O is so delicious.

    Third, with the pentagon ball, you need to sew two 'flowers' with a centre and five petals, then sew up between the petals to make a little bowl shape, then sew those two together to get a ball. It doesn't look like you have quite enough pentes in that ball... should be 12.

    Blah blah. xx

  10. Actually - sorry - I see what you've done. You've sewn the pointed bits together instead of fitting a point with a divot.. if you get me? Unpick the two halves and rotate one just a little, then sew up again!


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