Tuesday, November 1, 2011

thinking of you :: tania @ myrtle and eunice


Sometimes you really gotta wonder about the influence people have on you? Look at me here taking photos of a dead fly on my kitchen window sill.  I mean really? Who would inspire such behaviour? Yep. Tania @ Myrtle and Eunice. Summer is approaching and the fly population is making its presence felt. Every time I see a fly, or flies as is more common at this time of year, I think of Tania. Every time. Without fail.

You’ll understand why if you buzz on over here or here.

I like flies more than I ever used to thanks to Tania.


  1. Ha ha ha ... that's funny! I take photo's of odd things that I find beautiful... but not game enough to post them :s I think I may look at flies differently now :)

  2. I AM CHUFFED TO BITS! Couldn't think of anything I'd rather be remembered by, than a dead fly. (poor fly).

  3. You're not alone! I do the exact same thing!

  4. : ) I love the ones on fly screens.

  5. She sure is a clever one (Tania I mean - not the fly!)!

  6. My boys wanted me to do a spider like Tania's.....I don't think so, she is the master :-)


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