Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 :: the year that was

cooking in the old kitchen

On one level it feels like not much happened in 2011, but reflecting more closely on the past twelve months it becomes apparent that the year was in fact rather action packed.

new bathroom

In 2011 we painted four rooms (three bedrooms & a lounge room), installed a new kitchen and ensuite bathroom and have almost laid a new floating floor throughout the main living areas of our home. That’s not bad considering we were also juggling both working full time, two smalls, a pregnancy and then three smalls.

running through the forest down south

We took a holiday to beautiful Margaret River and swam our hearts out at the gorgeous beaches. We ran through forests and drank lots and lots of milkshakes. More importantly we treasured some much needed family time.

and then they were three

The year started with us as a family of four and it ends with as an established family of five. Baby O’s arrival is an obvious highlight. What a gorgeous son and brother for us. We gained one baby and lost another. Ms. M started the year as a baby but she is now a fully fledged little girl. No dummy, no nappies, no floaties, no help needed to put on her shoes. She is becoming more confident and social. A bitter sweet realisation indeed.

baby M

E. thrived too. In the course of 2011 he learnt to write his name, he learnt about letters and numbers and discovered a deep love for rhyming words and assonance. He can now ride a bike and dive to the bottom of the deepest part of the pool. In 2011 he went to his very first school disco. At the end of the year he now initiates trying new foods (although rarely finishes them) and sleeps past 6am in the morning a little more regularly. There is hope!

E in Margaret River

2011 saw every member of the family have a stint at a hospital. E’s MRI, Ms. M’s ankle (after falling off the bunk bed), Dave’s quinsy and baby O’s birth and stay in the special care nursery. Here’s hoping that in 2012 we avoid hospitals all together.

my mob

Creatively 2011 wasn’t as productive as I’d liked. Whilst pregnant I was too tired and after baby O’s birth rather busy (and still tired!). Still I finished a crocheted blanket of E and Ms. M each this year and am half way through a cot blanket for O. I also managed to complete some re-fashions for the children and sew myself some maternity skirts. So it wasn’t a total loss.

… and now it is time to draw the curtain on what was all in all a great year for our family. The year ends with me feeling very exhausted, here’s hoping a fresh year will help recharge the batteries.

I wish you and your family a very happy New Year!


  1. Have a very Happy New Year Sal to you and your beautiful family. What a wonderful year all of you had, so many wonderful milestones for your little ones and a beautiful happy new baby boy. May 2012 bring all things great for all of you. xx

  2. I reckon your renovations are included in your creative list for the year, and you created a baby!

  3. Isn't it amazing how big and grown up your other children suddenly appear when you have a new one? It always amazes me, looking back on the year, how much they have all grown and changed. It's sad saying goodbye to the baby-ness, but wonderful watching each new stage of their development.

    Happy New Year, Sally. I hope 2012 is even more wonderful than 2011.

  4. Happy new year. You may not have crafted a lot, but I see a lot of creativity in your 2011 happenings.

  5. Happy New Year Sally; what a year; welcoming a new family member & making your life work with their arrival needs a whole lot of creativity!

    Hope your 2012 is fantastic. xx

  6. You've had a very busy year! Happy new year and I hope 2012 is another fabulous year for you and your family.

  7. Lovely reminiscing. Happy New year to you too...

  8. What a fabulous year Sally! Great photos! Wishing you an equally marvellous 2012!!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  9. 2012 will bring us more surprises and joy and laughter!!!

  10. Gosh, busy year indeed! I hope that 2012 is filled with many more beautiful moments for you. I'm looking forward to seeing them captured on here. And here's to a nice healthy 2012 for us all!

  11. Right back at you, Sal. Happy 2012.

  12. That begs the questions, how is it with E and his legs? Any answers?

  13. oh and I knew I forgot something else... I love love love the bathroom! That´s the first picture I´ve seen of it.

  14. Happy New Year! (I know I am a bit slow) I hope 2012 is good to you. Love these photos.


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