Tuesday, December 6, 2011

at my place today

cup of tea

It is time for a cup of tea. I feel like I really need this cup of tea. I’ve been feeling a bit grouchy this morning, and regrettably so have the children. We can all be so alike at times. The funny thing is that pre-motherhood when I imagined what my future children might be like it never once occurred to me that they might actually be like me. I guessed that they might look a bit like me, a blend of Dave and I, but never ever did I think they might share attributes of my personality. Goodness knows what I was thinking – but it comes as a shock sometimes that they’re just like me. 

snail on the window

Today there are thunderstorms (thunderstorms and lightning very very frightening me! Galileo, Galileo; Galileo, Galileo; Galileo, Figaro – magnifico)  and grey skies and we’ve been inside climbing the walls. There is a snail on the outside of the lounge room window. The way in which it slithers is both fascinating and a little bit gross.

grey skies slow cooker lid
egg plant curry slow cooker

There is an eggplant curry in the slow cooker. We haven’t had it before. If it is any good I’ll post the recipe. The slow cooker was purchased just before baby arrived. It has been marvellous. Put a curry on in the morning and then in the evening just cook some rice when it is time to eat. Eliminates  Reduces the afternoon witching hour because I am free to provide attention; walks to the park, swims in the pool, colouring, watching some tele – I am there and tired children appreciate that.

sleeping peacefully

So just now I am drinking my cup of tea. The thunder and lightning continues. It has been sounding for hours – all morning. I like it better now that baby and Ms. M are sleeping and big boy watches Wow Wow Wubbzy. A moment down time to enjoy nature’s spectacular before I gather myself together for the afternoon tasks. I still haven’t finished the bunting so hopefully that will get ticked off the “to do list” today.

unfinished bunting

As much of the world is diving right on in with the Christmas spirit we’re all about birthday party fever here. Not that it is going to be one of those spectacular events often witnessed here in the blogosphere. A humble party at home with some traditional party food and some old fashioned games. It won’t be highly stylised, just a backyard party for a special girl turning three. I think she is going to really like it. Her favourite colours at the moment are pink and yellow – so there will be (if I finish it in time!) pink and yellow bunting and balloons. She has been asking for a Dora party since February this year so there were Dora invitations and there will be Dora lolly bags, pin the tail on Swiper and if all goes to plan (fingers crossed!) a Dora cake too. Personally I am not so keen on the Dora theme – it is so commercial – but I love my children just as they are so if that what she wants that is what she’ll get – it will be her party. After all she isn’t mini-me – she is herself. You know what? I will love my children even if they grow up to be right-wing conservatives or Collingwood supporters. (but universe please give me strength if they do!)

There is one little Christmas token though…crochet Christmas star

This crocheted star was gifted to me from Caroline at Brown Owls. Loving the blues with the red big time. So sweet.

… and that is it for Christmas at our place. Check back closer to the day.

Playing along here.


  1. My kids are a lot like me too. I am discovering more and more about my personality every day as I am seeing it in my kids and realising (sometimes regretfully) where it comes from.

    I also find they reflect my moods....

    This can be a good thing if you realise it at the time and make amendments before it gets out of hand.

  2. Oh yes, I have a child or two that are so like me personality wise that it's hard to contend with at times :)
    We have been having similar weather today which had meant many cups of hot tea and lots of crafting and reading..dinner is doing it's thing on the stove, chilli con carne as requested.
    Enjoy the party preparations :)


  3. that sounds like my favourite type of birthday party, Sally. I have one child freakishly like me, and one just a complete freak (joking!)- what I mean is, he is so different to me. THe other day I felt like I was trying to parent and the scene that played out in front of my was my brother and I 30 years ago. It was SO WEIRD! There was one vague, disorganised forgetful girl (who is full of ideas and creativity!) frustrating the heck out of her highly structured and organised brother. I really had to step back and think! And shake my head in a sliding doors kind of way!

  4. I cannot get past that gorgeous baby sleeping photo!

    Prechildren - I had this image that we all would be so calm. The children would always be happy. They would do everything they are told to do. They would always be clean. They would get along so well with each other. We all would live in a calm quiet house hold. SIGH WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!

  5. I had a similar vision to Sarah - a house full of calm led by my calm parenting. Um, yeah right!

    My kids have a temper, just like me - surprise surprise!

    I think the party sounds lovely and I share your opinion on low key parties and letting them choose. :)

  6. Yay, look at that sweet baby boy, he's such a gorgeous little man. I wish i liked tea!!
    I just assumed our children would be like my husband, who i adore, his personality is fantastic, but i think they're a neat blend of the best of us & a mix of the stubborn (or we just say 'bloody minded'). It's an adventure, they are all very different. The ones who are the most similar to me, i am harder on, i'll admit it, love Posie

  7. That picture of your little snoozer is so adorable. My brother's birthday is the 10th Dec so we were never allowed to put the tree up until after that. It used to feel like waiting forever but now it feels too early if I do it sooner.

  8. Is there anything more beautiful than a sleeping baby? We have a birthday on Saturday too, My baby's 18th. After that I will definitely concentrate on Christmas.

  9. Oh, slow cookers are so wonderful! I got one for my birthday last month and I've used it almost everyday.
    I love appliances as presents!

  10. Oh, I know that frazzled, short-fused feeling! And it seems to snowball at this time of the year.
    I love the way you are taking time out to savour the tiny moments with a cup of tea and some snail watching.
    Thanks too for keeping tabs on #reverb11. I know how hard it can be to carve out time to actually write in response to the prompts! It's great that you're reading and letting them marinate, and it was so sweet of you to let me know.
    Hope your December continues smoothly.
    Kat xx

  11. Oooh, a birthday before Christmas would be difficult - Scarlett's is early January & she's already saying "I want XYZ for my birthday"... I'm like "Can we just get through Christmas first?!" ;)

    Love that tiny touch of xmas... it will spread soon enough!

  12. Ohhh Sal you make my heart melt. Your pics and post are beautiful, enjoy every second Darling, silly me I know you will♥

  13. There's been much grouchiness and tea drinking around here also, too much time indoors doesn't do anyone any good does it? Gorgeous baby pic, and I like your relaxed attitude about the birthday party theme, you're so right, it is all about them :)


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