Wednesday, December 28, 2011


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Christmas at our place. Baby O’s first Christmas. Not super-duper out of this world fantastic, rather more like a national lampoon’s movie. I suppose not every year can be a dreamy kind of magical. The reality for this family is that after three sets of visitors, from inter-state and international, plus one birthday party in the month leading up to Christmas meant that we hadn’t had a free weekend in over five weeks. So by Christmas day we were all rather tired. All rather frazzled. Exhausted. Ready to fall in heaps. So the day went smoothly enough for an over-tired family but there was a stench of blah-humbug-too-tired about it too. Still we had lots of fun opening gifts, swimming with new pool toys, jumping on the new trampoline, drawing on chalkboards, playing in boxes, cracking crackers and eating a yummy meal.

Last minute sewing was completed and our baby boy got a Santa sack. Family life had to take a priority over sewing in the end and all other tasks on the list of things to do were put aside until a better time.

Enjoyed resting up doing not too much since the big day. We’re all feeling better for the nothingness. So glad to be travelling slow again. It really is the way to travel.


  1. Christmas weekend was a free weekend for us, too, finally. We spent it in jammies or sweat pants, lying around... I kept falling asleep (Lyme Disease, super-strong meds, head cold) and it was Just Right. We had my husband's family over on Boxing Day, but the weekend was ours. Perfect for this year.

    I love seeing the summery Christmas pics!

  2. Gorgeous pictures which show what christmas is all about, family, food and fun. I especially love the pic showing the kids playing in the boxes. It baffles me how we put so much emphasis on one day (or series of days), trying to make everthing perfect to the point of financial and physical exhaustion. Yet year after year we do it again. Slow is so appealing, especially now.

  3. we always wing it and its always good. Yours look lovely! O is growing so big!

  4. OUr lead up was the same... BUt we managed to have a great time. PHEW could have fizzed.

    Your pics look great!

    ENjoy the slower life - it is one of the best times in the year I recon.

  5. I know just what you mean Sally, we are still unwinding from all the mayhem. We has family at our place for xmas so I was flat out but have put the brakes on since boxing day. Happy New Years to you, wishing you happiness, peace and prosperity in 2012 xx Jen

  6. Ahem to travelling slow! Nice stay at home Christmases are lovely and it still looks like much fun was had by all! Can't wait to see the evidence of your lastminutexmassewing!

  7. OMG, I have a photo somehwere on En looking just like baby O!


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