Thursday, December 22, 2011

gorgeousness all around

The floating floor has been laid. Well in the play space and the living area anyways so on Tuesday night when we were all sleeping gorgeous Dave stayed up late and assembled the Christmas tree.

We woke Wednesday morning to find the tree already decorated.


E and M had gone out into the garden to find flowers to decorate the tree. It was definitely one of those melt you heart moments. Tears started to well in my eyes. More gorgeousness.

In the afternoon we went and visited the big man. We’re not scared anymore. Excited yet cautious. No gift requests - “I’m happy to get what ever Santa wants to give me” says E. as we line up. Awwww. Another melt you heart moment that had me bursting with pride.

santa photo 2011

Look at my gorgeous crew. They all look so smart. Not impressed with the background though. It looks messy & untidy. I know. I know. Totally anal retentive on my part but I figure if you’re paying money for a photo the backdrop should look good. This particular Santa set looks like it needs a renovation! My children didn’t care two hoots though. They thought it was a wonderfully magical moment and that’s all that matters I suppose. Santa was happy to have a big chat with the little tikes too and E. explained to the big man that Rudolph’s nose was red because he didn’t wear enough sunscreen. Santa took it on board and will take better care of Rudolph’s nose in future.

by the tree

It was such a lovely afternoon and evening. All three children were so good. It was so easy to be out with them all, even lining up for ages in the queue. I was so proud of them. I wish it was always so easy and that they were always so good. I guess I wouldn’t appreciate and relish it as much though.

By the time we got home it was dark. Since we were all in such wonderful moods we didn’t get ready for bed straight away rather we found our meagre Christmas decorations and the fairy lights and decorated the tree. The children were all so excited. So lovely. So very gorgeous. (the photo above is certainly not our tree!)

We’re going to make some more decorations over the next couple of days and decorate the tree a bit more. There no such thing as too much gorgeousnessness is there? Let the festivities begin…


… and if you’re interested Santa visits from Christmas past.


  1. oh just too much gooey gorgeousness going on here! Love it all... can't believe how big E looks all of a sudden! Which day did that happen?

  2. Too cute! Lots of lovely Mama moments by the sounds of things. Enjoy! :)

  3. Oh that's so beautiful!! I love the flower-decorated tree too. Have a wonderful Christmas Sally :) Kx

  4. I love the flowers in the tree. So sweet!
    All the best to you and your lovely family for Christmas! :)

  5. That flower-decorated tree is beautiful! I hope they left some petunias in the garden though. Merry Christmas, Sally. I hope you have a beautiful, warm, family Christmas.

  6. Oh and I'm with you on the Santa photo - how did you manage to not tidy it up?

  7. Such precious moments you had with your little ones, they do look so happy. I love it when you have time like that, when they are so happy and so well behaved. xx

  8. You put it perfectly gorgeousness all around.
    the treee is beyong beautiful and so is that photo.
    And you know I'm happy coz i feel like you had it coming after a couple of cruddy weeks xo

  9. I don't know where to begin with the awww's! Bless their hearts with the floral tree!!! If only it was possible to keep it that way!

    E has come so far in his bravery. You are raising some fantastic children there, I would love to teach them!

  10. Gorgeous pictures and precious moments!
    Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  11. Beautiful memories. Even with the crappy photoshoot set lol.

    Have a great Christmas, Sal.


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