Saturday, December 10, 2011


This is the last week Maxabella is hosting her grateful linky thingie for 2011, where has the time gone?  

I am grateful for all the wonderful people I have “met” in the blogosphere. I am grateful for your support and encouragement and for the endless inspiration too. There are a few very special people out there I am especially grateful for and thankful to this year.

farmer boyfarmer boy (2)

The gorgeous and intelligent Tanya of Suburban Jubilee sent across a package of goodies for my dear baby boy well before he was born. Included in the parcel were some singlets, one of which had a little robot (that *sob* baby O has grown out of already!) and the little farmer man pictured above. So adorable. There was lots of yellow goodness too, but she must have had a hunch we were having a boy. The very first time I dressed baby O in his robot singlet, camera at the ready he weed all over it. Very funny. I was a little out of practise changing boy nappies then. Well and truly back in the swing of it now though.

wooly goodness

A package filled with  wooly wonders was sent to us by the very generous and spunky Jenni of Baa-Me Kniits. Here is a picture of the boy in his soakers, passed out after having a feed, but I can tell you getting a snap of those little feet wearing his thongs was hard work. Those little legs of his move so fast!

little feet in thongslittle feet in thongs (2)

Kind and crafty Mandy of Fell 4U sent this delightful creature our way, and this morning I woke to see the little froggy on my boys head (not face!)… mmm – I think one of his siblings might have crept in for some early morning play. The other day when baby O was in the midst of overtired cries it was dear froggy that settled him and he stared at his bulgy eyes until he fell asleep. Thankyou Mandy!!!

a froggy best friend

Environmental and innovative Cath of Chunky Chooky sent this cute softie rattle too…

kiss the chunky chook

little hands grip on

chunky chook


…which for the first time today baby O reached out for and held all by himself. Woo hoo! (no not really … don’t grow up so fast my dear boy… slow down!!!) So amazing to watch him reach, try to hold and then when he is successful bring the rattle to his mouth. Such hard work for such a little lad and I am so grateful to spend the time with him watching him achieve such significant milestones. I can see too that it won’t be long until he is rolling. This afternoon I could see him work out to bring is little legs up and with momentum turn, just needs to work out how to get his upper body to follow.

As if all those fantastic and uber ace gifts weren’t enough, I was also recently lucky enough to win a giveaway at Clare’s Craftroom.

fat quarters and pattern

On Tuesday after a shocker start to the day, this wonderful red and white bunting arrived in the post – a little soggy but all in tact – from Kathy at Sew-Happy House as part of The Haby Goddess Kris Kringle swap.

red and white bunting

Just perfect. After sewing all the bunting for the birthday party tomorrow the very last thing I feel like doing is making some bunting for Christmas. Now once we’ve recovered from birthday-itis we can get straight into the Christmas spirit.

Speaking of Christmas spirit see this little angel hooked by Jenni on the wrapping of her parcel…

little angel

…how sweet!!! See the little wings. It is so much better in person.

Posie has sent a parcel too. I’ll show you after a little tweaking. (oooo… I’ve gone all secret squirrel on you!)

So as you can all see there is much to be grateful for. We have been very blessed indeed. This really is just the very tip of the iceberg for us. Our problems here are all those of a first world nature.

Life is good.

Life is real good.


  1. those thongs are awesome! bwahahaha.....

  2. OOOOOOHHH!!!! LOVE!!! love him!! he is delicious!! How exciting that he grabbed the rattle. that is so cute! thank you for showing me ( us) ! xx

  3. Aren't hand-made gifts the best?! Those thongs are so cute and that froggy! Lucky you and lucky baby O. So many lovely bloggy friends :)

  4. Sal you got some lovely handmade gifts for your little man. What lovely friends you have. Lots to be grateful in your space today. x

  5. WOw what a lovely lot of goodness!

  6. love the drool in the first picture!!! Those thongs are awesome. Spunky baby you have there...

  7. those are seriously the cutest sandals ever!

  8. Your babe is lovely! And you take a great photo too. Also very nice handmade loot, those thongs are very cool.

  9. lots to be grateful for indeed. lovely post. i found it hard to get past those cute little feet in knitted thongs. too adorable. have a lovely end to the year x

  10. I love his tootsies in those thongs too :-) Isn't his frog the cutest!


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