Sunday, December 4, 2011

last night

1. fading blue sky

Under the fading blue sky and a tiny half moon we headed to the local park for a good time. The day had been hot and busy, a mix of the mundane and the special. 2. time to head to the park Let the good times begin…3. inflatable slides …riding inflatable slides and jumping on the inflatable castle over and over again…4. content baby … while a content baby watched the fading sky from his pram… 5. picnic basket packed … the picnic basket packed… 6. face painting6a. death someone 7. face painting7a. a mermaid … faces painted… 8. music… the music began… 9. sleeping baby  … the baby boy slept…10. dancing… the rest of us danced… 11. playing went on and on and on… and played way beyond our bedtimes.

There were friends, good food, rolling down hills, running around and around in circles, getting lost in the crowds, inflatable balloon swords and having the perfect summer evening.

At the end we walked home holding hands under a dark sky, chatting about what a brilliant time we had had and how we all wanted to do it again.

Oh summer I love you.


  1. AHhhi t is so good when things work out so well and are so much fun!

    Wished our evening was as warm s yours to enjoy outside in the evening. It feels like winter here again...

  2. sounds like the best kind of party! xo


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