Friday, December 9, 2011




I’m drowning.

There is so much going on around here and I am feeling O-V-E-R-W-H-E-L-M-E-D. I’m sinking.

Wednesday was a tough day. I’m not sure what is going on with my children just now but the behaviour has been challenging and inappropriate. Perhaps it is the increased amount of crappy food? Candy canes are rife and there are still weeks to Christmas. Or maybe it is the hangover from recent visits by grandparents, the children’s paternal grandparents are particularly over-indulgent and set no boundaries. We have noticed a decline in the children’s behaviour after they’ve visited a couple of times now. Regardless of the reasons why, a low point on Wednesday was banishing children to “thinking spots” in the middle of Spotlight before hauling them into the car and ranting and raving all the way home. The day really didn’t get any better and hit rock bottom when combing E’s hair before bedtime and noticing lice. Humpf. Our first case of lice. The finale to a crappy day.

Dave went and got the special shampoo stuff from the local chemist and we started the process of de-lousing the boy, and then the girl and then Dave and I because the idea of lice totally totally freaks me out. The children didn’t end up getting to bed until about 10pm by the time we’d gone through their hair with shampoos and nit combs. Then we started washing all the sheets, pillows, doonas, and the soft toys that Ms. M uses as pillows. That was Wednesday afternoon and I have just finished my last load this afternoon. The lounge room is now overflowing with washing that needs to be folded and put away.

This one event has thrown everything into chaos.

Meanwhile this week has been the week of cupcakes. Dave took gluten free cup cakes to work on Wednesday for a morning tea, E. took thirty cupcakes to school on Thursday (because his birthday is during the school holidays) and Ms M took cupcakes to childcare today because her birthday is early next week.

Now to get this home of ours in some sort of order ready to host a birthday party on Sunday.


I will come up for air.  I can do it.

I’ve finished the bunting. The pieces of the party dress have been cut out ready to be sewn together tonight.

Tomorrow the party girl and I (with her baby brother tagging along of course) will head to the shops to buy the party food. In the afternoon I will be making the party cake. Oh please please please universe cut me a break and let me have it all finished at a reasonable hour on Saturday so that I can get some sleep ready to enjoy my girl’s special party day.


  1. Oh poor you! We haven't had lice yet either and it's a huge fear of mine. And my gosh, that's a lot of cupcakes for one week.

  2. Goodness! What a stressful time! I hope you have restful sleeps and calm days and I especially hope I never have a December baby! :)

  3. Breathe..... You can do it Sal:) It sounds like it's been a rough week, bring on the holidays I say. Those candy canes are really a nightmare, I know it sounds a bit mean but they almost should be banned. The girls have eaten so many I'm sure but I don't really know since they've been consumed at school. My girls didn't give anything at school just some handmade cards made by them which is all that is needed really. And don't get me started on grandparents and sweets mmmm. I hope that everything goes well over the weekend and things fall into place so you can enjoy your girls special day. Take care. x

  4. Wow tough week! Stay strong - you can do it and if not, buy a cake, give/wear an exiting dress and get take away food for the party. It will all be fine.

  5. Lollies affect my kids, badly. Sugar often gets a bad rap, but the ingredient that we look out for is 330, or citric acid. Just one lolly each the other day and my day went mental. Nits would have completely tipped me over the edge.

  6. Oh my, that is too much, and your little one is so very little, too. I send my boys to school with a couple drops of tea tree oil rubbed into their hair every single day. Every day. I don't know if it helps (supposedly the lice don't like the smell) but it helps me feel like I'm trying, anyway. The idea of parasites of any form just does me in.

    I hope it all goes well this weekend.

  7. I don't blame you for feelig overwhelmed with all that's being going on with you i would too. Hope this week is the worst of it , and it goes uphill from here. if you're anything like me, there are just some weeks like that, it's like when it rains it pours.
    Wish I could do something to help you out or throw you a floaty. xo

  8. sounds like real life...hope you have had some breath and all had some sleep before party tomorrow x

  9. Sounds awful and I had to laugh to myself about the ranting and raving in the car on the way home! And apart from my slow cooker, my other saving grace with kids has been Coles Online - no more dragging kids around the supermarket!

    Hope you had a good party weekend and that life is calming a little for you now.

  10. Sally I hope you made it through the weekend unscathed and that the dramas of last week are but a distant memory.
    It seems to always get chaotic at this time of the year...not only do the kids need a break, us mums do as well :)
    Hope you are feeling better today.

  11. Your week sounds eerily similar to mine, I too am staging a war on nits that was joined by a mouse, a snake and a thousand ants. My house has been sterilised from to to bottom and now we have tilers here doing the back area - dust galore! It feels never ending but I remind myself that its but a few creepy crawlies and life could be worse.

    Hope this week has been better for you!

  12. What a dreadful time to have lice! Not that any time is good mind you. My head is itching just at the thought of it!

    Congratulations on finishing the bunting and I am sending cake decorating vibes your way for an early night, in fact, hopefully you are already in bed (unlike me)

    Happy Birthday Ms M, and have a fantastic party tomorrow. You have one special mama and hopefully papa too putting in lots of effort to making it a day to remember!

  13. Oh, I know days like that. Some days it just all gets on top of you and you don't know what to do next! Hope you have had some time to decompress since this post.... And that the lice are gone for good! We had our first case of lice this year. I noticed one in jemima's hair just before she and Caleb were off to preschool and school. Checked caleb's hair, and he had a serious infestation (gross!). It takes such a long time to de-louse 2 kids. Awful.


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