Saturday, December 3, 2011

three pink owls

three pink owlsNan's buttonsfelty feet

Three pink owls for three special three year old girls.

Ms M is not the only little girl turning three this December. Two of her dearest friends will also be celebrating special days – and I have observed that soon-to-be-three-year-old girls l♥ve pink. Two of these pink owls are destined for these treasured friends. The third was intended to be my contribution to Softies for Mirabel but I have just looked up Pip’s site and the deadline is Monday 5 Dec. Ooops. No chance this third little pink owl will make it across the desert to Melbourne by Monday. Instead I will donate to a charity closer to home which looking on the bright side of things has the unintended benefit of a lower carbon footprint. So the little pink owl will now be a little bit green too. It will be wrapped (in pink I think!) and put under a wishing trees at the shopping centre for an unknown little three year old girl to enjoy of Christmas day.

EDITED TO ADD: Pip has announced that the deadline for Mirabel has been extended to February. YAY! …but me thinks this little pink owl will go local as there is now plenty of time to make another. Famous last words I know. Maybe I won’t put the little pink owl under the Christmas tree until I’ve made a Softie for Mirabel? I’ll keep you posted.

Bottom line is: there is plenty of time for you to make a Softie for Mirabel too!


  1. they are soooo sweet. pink is defo the flavour for my miss 3 :)

  2. Your owls are gorgeous! My (still) pink obsessed 5.5 year old would love one of these!

  3. They are truly adorable! You will have to keep them out of sight of Ms M so she doesn't secrete them into a dark hidden corner somewhere!

    That is great that softies has been extended, I have been meaning to make something nnow for 3 years and haven't. Poor form. I think now is the time.


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