Friday, February 18, 2011

the virgo within

On the photo blog I worked on last year I was pretty explicit and then not too long ago I gave you all a cryptic hint (only Catherine caught on!) but now it is time to introduce you all to the virgo within…

the virgo within

Look at that pose – one arm resting behind the head, the other hand draped on the forehead. Very dramatic! This little person sure is going to fit in around here.

We’re all so excited to see ‘little one’ inside yesterday. At eight weeks I was bleeding and whilst a scan showed all to be okay it continued for sometime so we’re all relieved to see that baby is still with us. I had small amounts of bleeding at about six weeks with my first pregnancy but now I can sure understand why some women don’t realise they’re pregnant for sometime thinking that they’re still menstruating! The human body is so freaky and weird… in a cool yet mind boggling way.

I’ve been feeling SO exhausted. I’ve been nauseous and there have been headaches… but nothing in the league of the ailments I experienced from the very beginning with pregnancy number two. I feel so good in comparison that there are times when I have to remind myself that I am pregnant – and that is not to say how easy this pregnancy is rather how horrific the last one was.

This is such an exciting time. My heart is soaring with happiness and delight, and now that this first trimester is over I am starting to feel a little more human. With any luck my creative mojo will be returning to me soon. I’ve been so exhausted that even couch craft like crochet has knackered me out after a few stitches!!!

Two trimesters to go… ahhh!… so much to do and yet so long to wait to hold this babe in my arms. Apologies in advance if this blog turns all baby baby… but hey – sometimes it is all I can think about.

cherry pyjamas

cherry PJsSome cherry wrap PJs for the girl. A little something special to wear in her new big bed.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

doing it for the kids

The children’s bedroom that I started painting last week has all been done. The bunk bed has been assembled, as have the new chests of drawers. It has been a busy week, and as is typical for me every step has taken much longer than I’d planned for in my mind.

bunk beds

new chest of drawers

The room feels all lovely and fresh. We painted the room the same shade of white, peplum quarter (dulux), that we did when we originally moved in here a little over two years ago. It needed just one coat to conceal some toddler art and dirt and grime that had been “creatively” smeared over the walls.

So far so good with the boy keeping his clothes in his new chest of drawers. He is doing very well indeed – I’m chuffed. To help him and his sister out I made them some PJ people…

PJ people 

Now they can store their PJs in these cute little people’s tummies rather than on the floor! Well that’s the idea anyway.

PJ boy on bedPJ girl on bed 

Still a few finishing touches needed for the children’s bedroom. I’ve bought some frames so that E & M can do some painting and hang their own artworks on the walls to bring some more colour into the room. We’re also going to hang the hand prints that we made last year.

need to hang art

I also need to make some decisions about curtains.  I keep changing my mind about making my own or buying some ready made.

Be sure to head on over to creativity central for inspiration overload.

Monday, February 14, 2011

@ my place

… there was an orchid waiting for me on the dining room table when I returned home from the morning run around.orchid

We don’t really “do” valentine’s day. 0ur anniversary is next week and that is so much more special to us, but it always lovely to received a beautiful flower. My gorgeous man gave me a candy striped orchid when we lived in Darwin but we were forced to leave it at the border when we drove into Western Australia all those years ago. The WA border check is pretty full on – I’ve passed over international borders with less checks! This orchid above is a dendrobium orchid – which doesn’t really mean much to me other than it is really pretty.

That is where the romance ends. The rest of my day will no doubt be dedicated to assembling some Ikea furniture.ikea assembly

The children’s bedroom is all freshly painted. The bunk bed has been assembled and slept in for the very first time last night and now it is time to assemble some new drawers. I have been assured by E. that he will be turning over a new leaf and actually storing his clothes in the draws as opposed to the floor – but I think we’ll just have to wait and see how that goes.

And of course… being a Monday it is washing day. Three loads down and on the line, one more to go and two baskets already waiting to be folded.

I hope your day is filled with a little more excitement! What are you doing for this day of lurve?

Thursday, February 10, 2011



A busy day lies ahead. I’m back from the hardware store and the day before me will be filled with painting walls. I’m repainting the children’s room just to make it “fresh” before we head off tonight to buy them bunk beds. The children don’t have to share a room – we have the space for them to have their own rooms if they really wanted to but they love sharing a room together and have wanted bunk beds for a.g.e.s!!! It really pleases me that they enjoy sharing their room. I know it won’t be like this forever, which is cool too, but I am thrilled that while they are young they are forming strong sibling bonds.

I better get to it. I’ve not been feeling the best this past week so while I’m able to I better get as much done as I can.

For creativity galore head on over to Kirsty’s.

Friday, February 4, 2011

this moment

cracking eggs

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savour and remember. (Join in! via Soule Mama)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

first day at school

Today is my boy’s first day at school. He has been so excited about starting school for so long there were times when I thought the day would never come. It has. This year he has two days a week in the kinder class at the local primary school.

Yesterday I finished making him some grey school shorts and last night I stayed up into the wee hours sewing a dinosaur backpack for this special day.

Despite being excited there were shy and nervous moments too.1. a little shy

But mostly excitement...2. excited too

…so much so that he was dancing for joy.3. dancing for joy

He is going to kick butt at school (not literally!)4. gunna kick butt

Off he goes on his way…5. on my way

…maybe not. All that excitement can make you feel exhausted you know?6. maybe not ... exhausted already

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

almost ready for school

grey school pants

grey school pants pocket details Grey school pants - all finished and ready for the big day tomorrow.


I stole some moments away with my sewing machine this afternoon. The children sat naked, wrapped in beach towels after a swim, watching Octonauts on the tele, and as I sat at the sewing machine I noticed that the house was quiet.

at the machine listening to the quiet of a humming fan 

Quiet except for the rhythmic hum of the ceiling fan above. The house is calm.

What a difference to the sounds the people of northern Queensland would be experiencing just now. It is just under three hours until the eye of Cyclone Yasi is expected to hit the Cairn’s coastline. My thoughts are with all the people, but especially the young children. My heart aches with thoughts of the fear they must be experiencing.

under the foot…

under the foot

… is some grey cotton drill. Tomorrow Mr. 4 starts kindy at the local primary school. So today I am frantically sewing him some grey school pants ready for the big day.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


pinsI went shopping for some new pins. A simple enough task I thought. I was wrong. I spent a good ten minutes gazing in absolute awe and confusion at the pin display in Spotty. A huge price range for what in many cases all looked to be essentially the same sort of pins. After pontificating for a good while it became apparent that some were short, some were long, some were gold, nickel, name your metal of choice, and that quilters apparently only like the colour yellow. So much difference yet ultimately they were all pins.

I chose the cheap yet colourful ones in the end. They’re making me happy… but I wonder – is there something about pins that I’m missing?