Friday, June 24, 2011

this moment

asleep at daycare

This moment I wasn’t there for – a midday nap at day care. This among many other moments I have missed while I go to work and my little ones go about their own daily routines.

Whist the picture is black and white my feelings about sending my children to daycare aren’t. I would like to write that they’d be better off staying at home with me all day, but that is not true. Nor is going to daycare better than spending the day with me at home. There are good bits about both.

So many friends have been made and so much confidence and independence developed from going to daycare. Meal times at the end of the day are also more interesting because we all have our own ‘news’ to share. Other families’ values are also introduced to our children and this can be both a good and bad thing. New words and behaviours are learnt there and as such boundaries at home become clearer.

Australia has one of the oldest traditions of formal structured childcare in the world. Whilst the women convicts laboured officer’s wives “re-educated” their children. To this day educational outcomes are linked to childcare in this country.

What are your views and thoughts about childcare?

Monday, June 20, 2011

an anticipated arrival

a parcel for baby      Finally the nursery has finished being painted and the process of filling it can now begin. A very special parcel arrived this morning – an anticipated arrival who will sit guard in this room waiting for our baby to be born.

1. trevor twinkletoesIt’s Trevor Twinkletoes!

 2. trevor twinkletoesHe has taken up his position next to the cot, where for the time being he waits but in due course will watch over his most special of friends.

3. trevor twinkletoesUntil today it has been all quiet in the nursery, but now as you walk by the room  the humming sounds of “We don’t need another hero” can be heard.

Thanks Jess.

tunic top

skirt to be refashioned

I bought this woollen skirt many many moons ago when I was living in Darwin. I know! Certainly a strange place to buy a woollen skirt and I can’t remember getting much wear out of it whilst there but once we’d moved down south it got a pretty reasonable workout. A size eight it hasn’t fit me since I’ve had children – so the time has come for it to be refashioned…

1. refashioned tunic top 

…into a little tunic top. I am so pleased with the result. Super cute and super toasty. I used ribbing to bind the neckline and arm holes which worked really well.

Ms. M


Some time was taken to convince Ms. M. to wear it – but once she understood that she could wear a pink skivvy underneath all was good. I know I’m biased but I think she looks super cute too! What a super smile.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

refashioned for sweet dreams

sunny refashioned PJs

Those flannelette pillowcases have now been refashioned into PJs for the ever growing Ms. M.. I’m really stoked with how they have turned out. Very cheery – filled with sunshine even. I do so hope they’re conducive for sleep.

Some flannelette sheets from the stash have also been refashioned into sleepwear for my little girl.

pink floral refashioned PJsPretty pink flannelette PJs with lots of wonkiness around the neckline. I suspect the wrap-style top might cause her father some problems come getting ready for bed time.

refashioned PJs And another pair of PJs made from the same sheet set used for a nightie and teddy bear last year. There is still loads of this sheet left over. I can foresee that my girl will be wearing this fabric to bed for many years to come.

two flannelette pillowcases

two pillowcases

What will become of you?

Friday, June 17, 2011

her favourite colours scarf

M's scarfA little crocheted scarf for my precious Ms. M. Her favourite colours to date have been orange and yellow but we’re now certainly entering a very defined pink period.

my precious Ms. M & her scarf 

Ms. M is such a sponge for knowledge - observes and absorbs everything. She comes out with the most random, yet thoughtful comments. “Look Mama there are some clouds. They’re not rain clouds. Nooooo.” [shaking her head] “Baby dogs are called puppies” she exclaims without a dog or puppy in sight. “I want to go on a rocket ship and catch aliens. I’ll use a net…  then I’ll put them outside.” she informs me as I eat my breakfast.  Delightful.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

corduroy school pants

school trousers

school trousers (2)

Winter has finally arrived in Perth. Time for the boy to put his shorts aside in favour for some warmer corduroy trousers. Ready today just in time for school photos.

Times sure have changed from school photos back in my day. So many choices. Plastic or cardboard backing? Which digital frame for the portrait shot? Would we like the photo retouched? (NO!!!) Would we like bookmarks? stickers? Geez. So many choices and so much marketing … all for a photo that could very well have my boy grimacing in his older years. We went for the simple package – a portrait shot and most importantly the group shot that we’ll store in an album – personally I’m not a fan of school photos hanging on the wall.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

alone together

baby baby

Dearest Little Virgo,

We haven’t had much together time you and I. Strange considering we spend 24/7 effectively one in the same but I’m referring to together time alone, just you and me to hang out. Life is so busy – working full time, trying to get jobs done around the house before you arrive, and being a mother to your two very special older siblings. Not to mention looking for opportunities to grab moments of  time with your father.

Yesterday we had a bath. It has been a long time since I last relaxed in hot foamy water. It was wonderful. We chatted together. I sang you some songs and I told you how much I love you. You danced, a beautiful gentle fluttering dance each time I spoke aloud the words “I love you”. Every part of my being was filled with happiness, so much so that tears welled in my eyes and rolled down my cheeks dripping into my smile.

We’re all very much looking forward to your arrival – but don’t come too soon. Lets hang out together just the two of us a few more times first hey?

Your loving Mama. xoxox

Monday, June 6, 2011

peppa van gogh?

Peppa Van Gogh

Uh-oh… looks like I might have run out of floss for Peppa’s second ear. Peppa Van Gogh perhaps?