Friday, July 29, 2011

an open letter to the manufacturer


I am writing to express my disappointment with my purchase of Blunstone boots. I have long been a wearer of Blunstone boots – I have worn them during my university studies and as I travelled the world. The purchase of a pair of Blunstone boots seemed like the logical choice when I was pregnant with my first child – comfortable for my swollen ankles and sore feet – my previous purchases of Blunstone boots had been long-lasting and comfortable.

blunstones since 1870

I am unaware if there has been a change in your manufacturing process but these latest boots have not at all been durable. Worn only in the winter months of my two pregnancies on retrieving my boots from the back of the wardrobe for my current pregnancy I was disappointed to realise that the soles of the boots were falling apart.

a holeyly sole

It is hardly fathomable to me that a pair of “work” boots could suffer any significant deterioration when they have only been word for a cumulative total of a mere few months. Even more disappointing considering that my employment is in an office environment on fully carpeted floors. On purchasing I believed I had bought myself a pair of hard wearing work boots and as such had expected that the soles would last for many years.

a heel falling apart

Frankly, I am disappointed and disheartened by the loss of these boots. I investigated the possibility of repair, but the cost means I would be better off buying new boots.

another hole in the sole

Now pregnant for a third time, again with swollen ankles and sore feet, I reflect sadly on the loss of my boots which only lasted such a short time. It is in this spirit of remorse that I write to make you aware of my disappointment in the hopes that you will improve your quality control measures.

Regards, Sally.

Thursday, July 28, 2011



Two-hundred and forty four little circles are now completed. The time has come to start joining them all together. It is doubtful that this will happen before the winter passes by – I’m afraid Ms. M will have to wait until next year’s colder months before she snuggles up in these circles of colour and love that I have hooked for her.

Without fail creativity abounds over here.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

counting down – 35 weeks

35wksOverall I’m feeling pretty good, although slightly panicked about all the jobs that remain to be completed before this baby joins our family on the outside.

Baby continues to wriggle about causing the rest of us great amusement as little feet or elbows can be seen squirming about. Mr. 4 was having a cuddle the other day as he sobbed due to the pain of an ear ache and baby started kicking and poking him – instinctively it felt like such a reassuring gesture from within and it caused E. much delight.

Friday, July 22, 2011


I’ve been pretty quiet in the blogosphere this past month. We’ve been riding the cold and flu rollercoaster in these parts. I’ve been keeping well, but my little ones have been playing tag with fevers and the general winter blues. Absolutely amazing how much snot two little beings can produce.


Thank our lucky stars that we have a thriving orange tree in the garden laden with vitamin C rich fruit. Freshly squeezed orange juice has been keeping me healthy even if the little ones have still succumbed to illness. Perhaps it would have been worse without all the orange juice?


When I was a child I was often cared for by my maternal grandparents. My grandfather would squeeze fresh orange juice every morning.  I didn’t like it at all. The furry pulp and the tart flavour. Urk. I’d wait for my Nan to wake up before venturing into the kitchen with my grandfather… because she’d throw a couple of sugar cubes in with the juice which was much more to my liking.


I can’t imagine putting sugar in freshly squeezed orange juice these days. It is so delicious just the way it is… although I will admit to occasionally straining out some of the pulp. I’d never offer to put sugar in the bubs’ juice either. They seem perfectly happy with it just the way it is.


I start maternity leave on Monday. Just six weeks to go until the arrival of our newest babe. I survived! I worked full time in paid employment, in fact I even did loads of overtime, cared for my children, my partner and myself. I did it. The children & the mister did it too. We all worked as a team and did it. They’re have been some hard moments but there have been lots of fun ones too. I’m surprised to discover that I am actually sad about ceasing work. I was really getting into the swing of things. No matter – there will be plenty of time to undertake paid employment in the years ahead. From next week it will be time to prepare for another type of work all together.