Wednesday, August 31, 2011

due date

wednesday child is full of woe

Wednesday’s child is full of woe, well according to the poem anyhow. I was born on a Wednesday – I have my moments I suppose. Baby O was due today, a Wednesday but instead debuted on a Tuesday – so according to the same poem he’s full of grace.

I’m certainly not full of woe at the moment. Quite the opposite in fact. My heart is exploding with joy and happiness. Life is grand, pure bliss. I’m walking on sunshine. It is all good.

a cocoon + hat

waiting for baby

This little cocoon and hat was ready and waiting for baby before he was born. Started at a brown owls meet it was unravelled a number of times before I was happy with my guess-timates in regards to size. It is made from lovely snuggly bamboo yarn.

in his cocoon



Having not packed a bag before going into labour I was pretty chuffed that I thought to grab it as I paced around the house waiting for my dear friend to arrive at our place at 2am to collect Mr. 4 and Ms. 2. I was even more chuffed when I realised that my guess-timates regarding size were pretty close to the mark.

Here is my little fella all snuggly-dovely in his cocoon waiting to leave the hospital and head home via Muzz Buzz and Ikea (needed to buy a curtain rod for his nursery… we really were caught off guard by his early arrival!)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

already a week old

baby Otis

Meet my little virgo? Or is he a Leo? Born last Tuesday, 23 August, I’m not really sure. What I do know is that this has been one of the most blissful weeks of my life. Pure enchantment and wonder.

Born a week and one day early I finally got my vaginal birth. It wasn’t the wholesome earthy experienced I had originally dreamed of when I’d booked into our local birthing centre before the birth of our first son, rather I’d already been wheeled into the theatre, my legs up in stirrups under the bright lights, as I was being prepped for my third emergency c-section. For a third time my little babe’s heart rate was all over the place but at the eleventh hour with help from the head of Obstetrics (who’d been especially woken and called in for our birth) I got my VBAC. It was amazing. Watching my son being born will be a vision that I will never forget. The energy in the theatre after the birth was fantastic. The staff were all really pumped – as if they’d witnessed something mythical, a VBAC after two c-sections something to be read about in textbooks and journals. They wanted a VBAC as much as I did.

Like his older brother my little babe had some respiratory problems and waiting for him to take his first breath was an anxious time. He was whisked away to the special care nursery but it wasn’t long before he was doing well.

Feeding like a trooper he is certainly thriving now.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

counting down – 38 weeks


Wow. The end is near. Two weeks left to due date. I had a scan last week which revealed that bub at that time was in an anterior position and significantly smaller than my other two children. An interesting development to be sure. The scan predicts that I will have a babe under the 4kg mark this time. Hallelujah! Looking at pictures of me pregnant with my other children I think I do look significantly smaller… at least from front on. Clearly a greater proportion of the 26kgs I’ve put on has gone into my arse than with my previous two pregnancies.

Even though I am excited about meeting my darling baby I’m not sure that I am ready to not be pregnant anymore. On reflection this has certainly been my easiest pregnancy without a doubt. I’m enjoying pregnancy and not sure that I’m ready for it to be over. Still thinking clearly isn’t a strength of mine at this time. My mind is all over the place. I struggle to finish sentences and regularly find myself in rooms wondering why I’m there.

…and now I can’t remember what else I was going to write about in this post!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

no longer an apron

A close friend of mine works at Coles supermarket. During the Commonwealth Games in India the deli staff wore fancy Indian-inspired aprons. By the end of the games she’d acquired four of the aprons which she then gifted to me.1. an apron The aprons are made from a cotton drill – so perfectly hard wearing for play clothes. There was enough material in the four aprons to make Ms. M a dress and a pair of pants.

collageThe dress is lined with pink flannelette remnants and the buttons were found in my collection, I have a funny feeling they were from a single breasted jacket with substantial shoulder pads I used to wear in the 1980s. the button

There wasn’t enough material left over for any fussy-cutting so the pants are a little odd me thinks in terms of the pattern… but hey they certainly fit the quirky refashioned homemade play clothes brief.5. the pants

Ms. M is happy enough in both…




… and yes she is looking for her baby in the second shot! … and no I did not give her that horrid hair cut – I’m still in shock that such a hack job cost $10! Humpf.

counting down – 37 weeks


I spent much of this morning with my head in a bucket vomiting. Blah. I have to say that the time when pregnancy is enjoyable has essentially passed. Discomfort and ailments rule the body. Pelvis pain and acid reflux my primary nemeses.

Even so we’re still having some precious moments – the kids and I all had a bath today and took much delight watching baby wriggle and jiggle inside my tummy. There was lots of singing and general frivolity – our baby’s first bath with it’s siblings.

Tomorrow I have a scan to determine position and size of baby. I’m hoping that the information will help me make a decision that I can be faithful to in regards to this baby’s birth. (Thanks to everyone who left a comment – you all really lifted my spirits and left me feeling more empowered and less alone than before.)

Last night I completed the census – my first as a mother. I was pregnant with E. for the last census – I don’t think on that night five years ago I would have imagined that I would be about to have my third child next time the census came round. Leaves me wondering what our family will look like in another five years. 

All in all though I found the census a little dull. The questions that they ask aren’t that interesting. Why doesn’t the government want to know my favourite colour? Or my favourite song? I just think since they’re going to the effort to ask me so many other questions they might as well ask me some interesting stuff as well. Nevertheless I do always find it interesting that my partner elects to be counted as a Catholic (because he was baptised and it' keeps the numbers up!) when he apparently doesn’t believe in God. Alternatively whilst I don’t believe in the personified versions of God exulted by the major religions I do have a spiritual faith and yet identify myself as having no religion at all (I haven’t had time for Jedi Knight crusades since becoming a mother).

Monday, August 8, 2011

bamboo for baby

bamboo yarn 

Crossing things off my list of things to do includes getting a move on and finishing some projects for my precious little virgo . I started hooking a little something for bub at the last Brown Owls. I didn’t get off to a particularly promising start with all that I had achieved during the meet being unravelled just before heading home. Since then there has been some progress… but the time has come to get my hook on.

Have you ever crocheted with bamboo before? It is beautiful. I bought six balls of bamboo yarn at a mid-year sale.  It is so soft an lovely. Absolutely delicious. I’m in big time yarn love.

a curve ball

Life threw a curve ball this weekend. The man of the household was admitted to hospital with a quinsy. There was talk of him having to get his tonsils out too!

in hospital

NOOOOOOOO!!!! You’ve seen the current state of my bathroom and with three weeks to the bub’s birth the last thing in the world I was expecting was for my rock to be in hospital having his tonsils out. Oh my! Needless to say I had a very sleepless Saturday night… my mind racing at a hundred miles an hour with all the possible worse case scenarios with some pretty powerful braxton hicks thrown in for good measure.

THANKFULLY on Sunday, having had his quinsy lanced and antibiotics via an IV the man was recovering and surgery to remove his tonsils deemed unnecessary at this time. PHEW. I can’t tell you how relieved I was. I couldn’t stop smiling and I felt like I was walking on air. I am so grateful for all the wonderful doctors and nurses that looked after my man so well. Fantastic I tell you.

I’d finally finished a pair of jeans for my boy at the end of last week. They’d been hanging around for a long time just waiting to be hemmed.

new jeans

The boy was so pleased with them that he wore them to the hospital to visit his Dad.

new jeans 

The weekend has shown me just how disorganised I am and how totally unprepared I am for our new arrival. I’m now on a mission to fly through my list of things to do… well fly as fast as a woman who now waddles rather than walks can! A non-airborne kind of fly if you like.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

mushroom pie

Oh my! This is my favourite pie ever!

mushroom pie

Mushroom pie. Delicious. So yummy. So creamy. So tasty. Heaven on a plate I tell you!

Ahh… the joys of having an oven. Want the recipe? Here it is.

Creativity of all sorts abounds over here.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

counting down – 36 weeks


image via

It’s raining lots and I’m too knackered to be bothered having my photo taken today, so instead here is a drawing of what a baby might look like at thirty-six weeks. I’m desperately hoping that my baby is in a similar position. For my two previous labours both my babies have been in the posterior position – which means the baby’s spine is against my spine and supposedly this makes labour more painful and more difficult for the baby to pass through the pelvis. On two occasions now I have been fully dilated heading into second stage labour having only sucked on a bit of gas to get me through only to find myself being rushed to theatre for emergency c-sections. In the first instance my son became stuck in my pelvis in a transverse position and second time round my daughter had passed meconium before my waters broke and then she experienced severe foetal distress.

As I’ve made it to second stage labour unassisted on two occasions previously the Kiwi doctor at the hospital and the midwives are all keen for me to have another go at a vaginal birth. I’ve been assured that even with a severe vaginal tear the physical recovery time will be quicker than that of a c-section (but I am left wondering how I would feel mentally?!?!).  There would be less blood loss also. Two c-sections down so I know that it takes a long time for core muscle strength and overall fitness to return, not to mention the severe anaemia from significant blood loss that required iron infusions to resolve.  The South African senior consulting doctor seemed to be more ambivalent, focusing on the one in two hundred chance of a uterine rupture at the point of the c-section scar.

So now with four weeks remaining I am wondering what I should do? Attempt another vaginal birth or just book myself in for a c-section? It’s not an easy choice. These days both prospects make me anxious.  I found having c-sections pretty awful – although not painful the sensation of my son being ripped from my pelvis and the wish-washy-washing machine feeling as they dived in to retrieve my daughter still make me feel nauseous when I recall the experiences. All the machines and the people in the theatre dressed in weird outfits is also unnervingly surreal. The needles and cords that remaining in my body for the following day is also disgusting. I’m not a fan. But on the other hand the thought of going through another labour only to have it end in another  code blue dash to the theatre … I’m not sure that I’m psychologically up for it?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

a new kitchen

Over twelve months ago our oven broke down. It was over thirty years old  so I guess it had lived a good life. We investigated getting it repaired but the cost of getting it fixed was getting close to the cost of buying a new oven. Getting a new oven to match the existing kitchen was going to be tricky… so after considering many options we finally decided to hang tight until we could afford a new kitchen.


On learning that I was pregnant with our third child we decided that a dishwasher would be really helpful too! So juggling money from here to there and getting a bit of extra finance we decided to get the new kitchen before our new babe arrived. The appliances are very basic and affordable, no bells and whistles but functional and the cabinets are simple too - it is not by any means our “dream” kitchen … but oh my we’re so happy with it. It feels like we’ve entered the new millennium. Better still – everything actually works. Brilliant.

Here it is…

after kitchen  after kitchen 2

after kicthen 3 

An oven that works! YAY!!! Baking baking baking… so many delights that I’ve been hanging out to make for over twelve months. AND a dishwasher too! Woo – hoo!

The plan is to put down a floating floor soon… all the bits and pieces are waiting stacked high in the lounge room. BUT… before we put down the floor we really need to do something about our bathroom…