Wednesday, January 11, 2012

beware the cherry tomato gobbler

Well not really. One of the key reasons I like to grow food is so that my children have the opportunity to harvest and consume food in the garden at their leisure. Ms. M has a keen eye for little red cherry tomatoes so the chances of finding little red ones on the vine are slim to none.

cherry tomato eater chilli eggplant
cucmber her finds more chillis
red chillis pretty pink flower no ripe ones left
vine ripened tomatoes lemons to come view from the trampoline

This morning we got out early to enjoy our outdoor space. Lovely. I relished the morning cool spending perhaps rather too long just lying on the children’s new trampoline sky gazing. E and Ms. M were running laps around the house and then later riding their bikes. I envy their boundless energy.

Courgettes with Rice

Courgettes with Rice served with olives.

This afternoon I cooked dinner, but alas not using produce from the garden. I made Courgettes with Rice. Again this year I have struggled growing zucchini. It is totally ridiculous. Zucchini are one of the easiest things ever to grow and yet I’ve struck out on a bumper crop for the second summer in a row. The recipe I followed this evening was ridiculous also. So many steps. Forty five minutes on the stove and then forty five minutes in the oven… all to cook a zucchini. I was getting rather frustrated with the process. Especially while it was on the stove and I had to keep jumping out of the pool to run inside and stir the stew like mixture. Still it was yummy. Maybe I’d make it again. Not sure.


  1. It's so nice to see stuff growing, while we are all cold and damp here.

  2. I have to fight the urge to let my 17 month pick all our tomatoes in the hope we'll be able to have them for meals. It's so hard! I love that she wants to pick and eat! I'll have to plant a couple of extras next spring!

  3. between kids AND husband, none of our produce makes it inside!!

  4. Unfortunately my cherry tomato gobblers come in the form of the common blackbird. But is was quite fun to watch their bewildered behaviour this morning as they returned for a second picking only to find the bushes had been netted.

    I must confess I felt sorry for them, so we have put some fruit and vegetable scraps on our bird feeding table as an alternative. I know - not as good as picking it straight from the bush.

    Happy gardening to you all!

    1. I think vegie scraps is a fair trade.

  5. It was/is a bad year for zucchinis in Perth this year, my got mildew before they flowered. I blame all the rain.

  6. I am the same with parsley. Everyone else seems to have forests of the stuff and i seem to kill it every time!

  7. We can't grow zucchini up here either, even with us pollinating them they get to about 2 inches and then just disolve on the plant?

    Tea looks yummy...wonder how it would go just slapped into the crockpot??


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