Saturday, January 7, 2012

an end to the rippling

ripple 7.1.12

The ripples are finished. The balls of yarn no longer as grand and full as they were before hook was taken to hand and the ripples began.

The festive season over my father had another doctor’s appointment this week for more tests. The outlook looks like treatment without surgery will be a good option. Once again though there are more appointments to be had before a final determination and decision is made.

Meanwhile my baby is transitioning from the bassinet in our room to his cot in his own room at the other end of the house. Perhaps it is me that is transitioning really. I’m getting used to him not being so close to hand when he has his day times naps and going to bed of an evening without him by my side. Still he ends up in our room by morning so we still have our special huggy time before sunrise signals the imminent invasion by the older siblings.

All the ends are woven in, so now it is time to start working on a border. Despite being the middle of summer it is actually rather cool here today, a high of only 24°C very unusual for this time of year indeed, but perfect for sitting back in the recliner watching baby O sleep in his cot as I hook away. The rhythmic sounds of him breathing better than any music.


  1. So pretty. There is something very soecial about neatly done crochet stitches to all those who have spent much time with the hook. Cherrie

  2. Love the blanket. I should have put that on my 2012 goal list. Make a ripple blanket.

  3. Sal, I love that last sentence, what a picture, you in the recliner, hooking away and your boy doing lovely baby breathing. Precious. Great blanket, too

  4. Well done! You have done well. I STILL haven't finished the pink granny blanket. I am so over it!

    Glad to hear that surgery may not be necessary for your Dad, that must have been some good news!

  5. The ripples are gorgeous... That didnt take long! Hope everything works out good for your Dad. Yes its a bit sad when babies go off and sleep in their own bed, mind you mine was nearly three and a half when i finally got him out!

    Enjoy your crochet,


  6. It sounds like things are going well for your dad, hoping it continues this way. The blanket is looking very nice. I can't wait to see the final result - not far to go now!

  7. Hi Sally
    I have been thinking about you, but Summer holidays have kept me busy. My littlest one has woken up early (4:30 am) so I am taking the opportunity to catch up with all my blog friends and their 'doings'.
    Great news about your Dad! and your blanket looks beautiful. Maybe 2012 will be the year I finally learn to crochet.
    Happy New Year, Lovely!

  8. What a beautiful blanket, Sal. Something to be treasured.

    Hope that all continues to go well for your dad.

  9. gorgeous ripples! Well done!

  10. it look stunning Sally , you must feel a huge sense of achievement.
    I hope everythings goes Ok with your dad. As ok as it can I guess. I guess it's good that it seems the best treatment is without surgery? I don't know such things so forgive me if i"ve put my foot in it. All I do know is I'm thinking of you heaps. And will be sending good vibes.
    And big moments as the wee one moves out. But nice he still ends up with you guys in the morning xo

  11. Beautiful, i've never done a ripple blanket, i must give it a go.


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