Sunday, January 8, 2012

the last sunflower

last flower the last sunflower

Summer and sunflowers. The two go hand in hand for me. The attainment of happiness is just that little bit easier on a warm day surrounded by cheery yellow blooms. Whilst I was organised enough to sow the sunflower seeds twelve weeks out from Christmas so that they’d be in full bloom for our festive celebrations I neglected to then sow more seeds over the following weeks so that we had flowers flourishing for longer. Aside from this last flower now on our kitchen counter the flowers are spent, waiting to be ripped from the ground tomorrow.

flower t-shirt

I finished another t-shirt refashion this week using the last of the sunflower swatch gifted by Cherie. Not too many WIPs from the great cupboard de-clutter left to complete. I’m loving the sweet buttons that I re-discovered in my collection. I remember them from my own childhood.

I’ll be spending some extra time in the garden over the coming week. There is a bulk waste verge collection soon so its time to get out in the garden and prune, sweep, weed. Despite being neglected in 2011 it is doing quite well, but time that it got some extra loving care in the year to come.

How is your garden surviving the summer?


  1. It's winter here in the UK. Seeing your beautiful sunflower post reminded me of what is yet to come...

  2. I received a packet of sunflower seeds from a funeral just a couple of weeks ago so planted Nanna Ronchi sunflowers yesturday in remembrance of someone special.
    Love my time in the garden it is such a joy and last year my oldest and I spent quite a bit of time sowing seeds which has given me incentive to sow more as it was so successful.
    The vegie patch is looking a little overgrown with pumpkin right now, will give it another month and then start the vegie patch restoration :)

  3. I'm in rental so don't do much except pull buffalo weeds every few weeks and mow. I do have three self sown, perfectly placed tomato bushes that are doing well (need to keep the staking going though) and some chillies left by the owners. Cherrie
    word veri. unclatur

  4. That sounds like a great council to come and collect green waste like that. My garden is much neater now after a good chop otherwise it was looking a bit wild. It's also a bit dry, it's so hot at the moment here so I haven't even attempted to go out and plant i think everything might die if I do. Enjoy your gardening. x

  5. Hi Sally I'm playing catch up with my blogging :-) We had our orchard and lillipillies pruned by our lovley neighbour just before xmas( I paid him of course ) 20 hrs of labour later and 12 trips to the dump and I can finally see out of the kitchen window into the top paddock and walk around the orchard without having to duck under all the branches. We have had a bit of the wet starting and now all the trees are sprouting new pretty. I plan to be the one who keeps it under control from now on hence the mini chain saw for xmas :-) Love those buttons, I think my mum still has some buttons that I had on a jumper when I was little. Small owls....I still remember them!


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