Sunday, January 29, 2012


It’s been hot here peeps. Real hot. Yesterday was 42°C, the day before was similar, not the best weather to be hooking the border on Baby O’s ripple blanket. For the time being it has been tossed aside. Clearly if it is too hot for me to hook it then it is too hot for him to sleep under it.

Crafty motivation is low in such heat. I’d rather be swimming or lazing about next to the fan.

I have been making some slow progress hooking my big boys belated birthday present, but still away off from finishing.

take another guess?

Go on. Take another guess?

Today though is beautiful. Much cooler. Low thirties with a fresh breeze. It is beautiful. We’ve been to the beach and baby O had his first swim in the ocean. He wasn’t overwhelmed – puzzled and intrigued perhaps. He seemed to neither like it or loathe it. He looked so adorable in his bathers. No photos though. I took the trashy camera with us but it stopped working just as we made it to the beach. I was a little disappointed because the boy did look so adorable and squishy in his bathers and cap. Too cute. Perhaps I over rely on my camera. Sometimes I think I outsource my grey matter to the SD card… today though I’ll have to use the old fashioned brain-card to remember the gorgeousness of it all.

I’m off outside now. Got some school uniforms to hem for a friend who is trying to get another terms wear out of last year’s kit. Also going to hem the pink doily pants and take in the waist band. Not the most glamorous crafty pursuits but will be lovely lounging next to the pool in the fresh breeze.

Do you hem by hand or use the machine? I’ve been doing these school uniforms by hand with tiny little stitches. I’ve always just hemmed my own way. I wonder if there is a “right” or proper way to hem. I sometimes use the machine for shorts or pants. And come to think about it I’ve used the machine for skirts too. I’m not sure what reasoning I employ in my decision to hem by hand or machine… maybe it all just depends on the weather!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Oooo… I almost forgot to let you know that E was better(ish) at his second go at having his blood taken. Good enough for them to get enough out of him anyway. At the end of the ordeal I noted an anti-climatic glimmer in his eye so I think next time will be even better. The phlebotomist said he was so brave he could have two stickers. That made his day for sure. We’ve got the EpiPens now and I’ve watched loads of videos online about how to use them. Have another doctors appointment tomorrow for her to go through it all with me. I’m feeling heaps better about it all now. Less freaked for sure. Just had to get some more know how about it all. Thanks so much for all your supportive comments.


  1. I totally agree about the weather. I am finishing binding at the moment.

    I'm glad his second appointment was better! I suppose one bonus about a bee allergy is that, compared to a food allergy, there isn't a lot of 'life'/eating etc. he will have to miss out on because of it!

  2. don't know how anyone survives in heat like that. It's bad enough here but only in the twenties. Phew...

    School dresses always were hemmed by hand at my house. But not by me! lol

  3. yay for E :) glad it went better & that youre feeling more confident about the epipen.

  4. Here in the UK, I'm looking out over the frost covered roof of our neighbour's house...

    Good luck with the finishing off!

  5. So happy that the blood test wasn't too traumatic. Phew!
    I adjust all my newphews school uniforms and I only use the machine. Luckily the school kiddies aren't looking at my hem stitching!

  6. SO happy to hear about E!
    And I can totally understand having a lack of crafty mojo at 42 degrees, i think it would be hard to have any sort of mojo at all.
    Glad today you got some relief too on that, and todays been a bit cooler.
    And for the mystery object it's now looking very much like some sort of doll or wonderful toy creature.
    I definitely can't wait to see this one finished

  7. Glad your boy is feeling better with all the tests and stuff, must have been pretty traumatic for him ( and you! ) Will be good to get the epipen down pat and just hope you never have to use it!


  8. Hopefully you will have a nice day again soon and can redo the beach and get a photo of O in his bathers.
    I am with you with the SD:) Sometimes my husband has to tell be to put down the camera or worse, leave it at home.
    Yay - to getting the required blood out of E. Poor might, he must have been over things that sting and yay to you feeling alot more at ease with it all. Now stay away from E Bees you hear.

  9. The belated birthday present is a doll! Very clever, Sally.

    I bet baby O did look cute in his bathers. I think I am the opposite to you. I usually forget to use my camera to record special occasions. I will take it with me, but it sits there while I am busy doing other things.

    I'm glad you've got your head around the epipen. Must be a weight off your mind, although it would be better not to need it at all.

    I hem in a variety of ways. Sometimes by hand, sometimes by machine. Once you have the gist of it, the machine blind hem is great, but I also don't mind hemming in front of the television on the odd occasion. Some hems are also done with a straight stitch, and I have been quite partial to a rolled hem lately.

  10. I'm a hand hemmer especially on kids clothes that you know you will have to let down again. It was one of the first things my second daughter learnt to do sewing-wise. Unfortunately the first daughter has never been motivated and somehow gets the other one to do all hers for her (they are grown ups now)
    You'll be fine with the epipen, it's simple. It's super scary living with this at first but then it becomes part of life. The biggest hurdle is schools and the constant paperwork etc.

  11. Lovely Sal, I made one of those dolls with a ballet dress and dreads, she was brilliant! I was surprised at how big they are, were you? Maybe I just didn't read the specs properly. I have to say it is the best wool I have ever felted with in the machine :-) Glad the blood tests went well and you feel more comfortable with the epipen. I was thinking later about the bees and thought well E has been playing in the garden for 5 years and this is the first sting, and I think I have only ever been stung twice? I think the bees would much rather stay away from us as they die if they sting. It generally takes a lot of aggro to make them sting. Cullen used to catch them in his hand and bring them inside and I have to say my heart rate would accelerate but they were always gentle to him. Here's to never having to ever use that pen! xx

    PS I am hooking a shell baby blanket for a friends little boy at the moment, well not at the moment as its too bloody hot, I figured he wouldn't be needing it for a few months as well ;-)

  12. Good to hear about E. Thanks for the update : o )

    I hem like you - with tiny stitches. You are so god doing that for someone else...

  13. Hello Sally,

    Good luck with finishing that toy. I used to love doing the hems on school dresses. I could sit and sew those all day.
    Lots cooler today.
    Happy Monday.

  14. oh how I miss you my sweet, creative and very much crazy friend :D Ava dreams a lot, and yesterday she told me that she had a dream about E. He came to sweden to visit her and they played, she said it was a long time since they had played together and she wished he could come and visit! Love to you all.

  15. Ahah! Not an octopus at all, but a very cool looking dude doll! Surely I've got to have got it right now.

    How wonderful is this change of weather, yay for heat wave disappearance. Although, I'm sure it will be back before the end of summer!

    What a relief for you all that E's second blood test attempt went well. Wouldn't it be lovely if there was something as easy as a sticker that we as adults loved and toughed things out for? Something that doesn't involve comfort food that is!


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