Thursday, January 12, 2012

six dollar date night

crappy coffee the date the mood lighting stick in the mug sleeping baby at the end

My love and I don’t get out much. We have a night out sans children once a year. Now that Ms M. is three she can go to supervised play area at IKEA so tonight my love and I signed the eldest two children into the crèche before heading upstairs to the bistro for a cup of coffee and some un-interrupted, almost romantic, conversation. It was sweet. The moment was treasured and relished by us both. After the hour was up we collected the kids and treated them each to a $1 kids meal. Bargain. A six dollar date night.


  1. Hello Sally,

    A belated Happy New Year to you and your family. Your date night sounds perfect.
    Happy days.

  2. Love it! I've used the IKEA creche (my kid calls it Smileland) for shopping but not for a meal out. What a brilliant idea! (Meatballs, anyone?)

  3. Hubby and I do date night every week ;) But it does involve putting the kids to bed, eating some "adult" food (= spicy) and watching our telly for a while.

    Your idea is fab..but our oldest is 6 months too old for the Ikea babysitting service. Bugger!

  4. Sally, I think you are onto something big! x

  5. Fabulous idea! Oh and Sal, do me a favour and tell Tas that she just have to fudge the age of the child! We used to fudge Avas age so she went in there when she was 2.5 yo. She was already TT so why not ;)

  6. It's amazing how we can take time with our partners for granted... I hope the short time was most worth it. And that there is a lot more to come.

    I giggled at the 'crappy coffee'.

  7. Love it!

    We do date night at home - cheese and dips and antipasto and a bottle of wine +/- movie. It's lovely.

  8. Loved this! We are in the same babysitters so we generally don't go out without the kids. We need an IKEA :-)


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