Tuesday, January 24, 2012

what do you think it is?

can you guess

I’m hooking my big boy a little birthday present. I’ve missed the deadline but he doesn’t mind. He is very gracious like that.

Can you guess what it is?


  1. I guess an octopus. Goodness knows why, it seems to be 6 legs short...

  2. No idea but I do love that colour :)

  3. I was going for scarf but then noticed the rounded bit... does that bit stretch out??
    Is it a hat with scarf attached, or with really long ear-flaps!??
    I saw someone doing Tunisian Crochet last night to make a scarf and I am tempted...

  4. I was thinking along the same lines as Karen and a hat with a scarf attached, though I'm not sure about the proportions? I'm really wondering what it is now.

  5. Nope... not even close yet peeps!


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