Saturday, January 21, 2012

where it’s at

I’ve got two knitting needles and ball of wool!


It’s the beginning. I’ve just been going and going – trying to get a rhythm. Trying to get my head around it. Look at it. Figure it out. Laugh. Enjoy. Take pride.

holey moley

There are holes.

stitches missed

Missed stitches.stitches in a tangle

Stitches crossed over and in a tangle. (Still haven’t worked out how I do this mistake!)

holey, wonky, crossed It’s a wonky, holey moley mess. I started with 44 stitches and I’m up to 52! Mmm. There is more to be worked out. I’m having fun. Learning is fun. I like to learn new things. I like when we’ve met people this week my children yell (and yes they’re yelling really really loudly) at people that their Mama is learning to knit. Not “Hi nice to see you” but jumping up and down with excitement, unintelligible loud noise that when translated is a proud exclamation of my learning. Noice. I’m chuffed (… and a little surprised that they noticed – they’re very busy you know).

Remember when I learnt to crochet? That was all wonky and messy too.

Off to Brown Owls today for lots of knitting action. Maybe some of these issues will be resolved by the end of the day… or maybe not.

It’s fun to record where we start don’t you think? Fun to look back later on and see how far we’ve come?


  1. oh I love it! You must keep your sample starter you know.

    Try and try again. & just think, now you have extra stitches to practice on! Bonus!

  2. I've just started to teach my seven year old to knit. I only gave her 15 stitches to start with and told her to push on and persist in spite of the holes and double stitches and missing stitches. I said eventually she will look down the length of her knitting and see the difference between the problematic beginning and the smooth, even end.

    So - go well! And enjoy. xox

  3. Good for you learning something new! And yes it is amazing when we record where we started out with something and then look back later and see how far we've come!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  4. Hello Sally,

    Loved this post,especially about your wonderbugs loving you knitting. Good luck with it all. I could never get co-ordinated enough to get the two needles and wool to work in unison.
    Happy knitting.

  5. Sounds like you aren't slipping the stitch all the way off the left needle once you have knit it? Or you are picking up a stitch between two of the actual stitches (maybe thinking you had dropped a stitch?). That's a real technique to increase. See, you know more than you thought you did. :)

    Keep up the good work and keep that cheer squad handy for when you are feeling frustrated by it! xx

  6. youre very brave sally. not quite there yet myself, too lazy to try. crochet is much easier & quicker for me, although i do look enviously at patterns & wish...if only...

  7. Hi Sally,
    It's carolyn from brown owls, cute blog! This knitting looks heaps better than what i saw today haha. So you are nowhere near as bad as i thought you were hehe. It must be the bamboo needles. Anyway, just thought i would pop in for a squiz and say hi and have a little joke. Don't worry about the 'crossed over' stitches, they are actually just where you have purled the same stitch twice and not put it onto the right hand needle after purling it the first time. I still do that occasionally. Just drop one of them when you come across it in the next row. See you next month, Carolyn

  8. That must be so lovely having the kids being so proud of your efforts. Very inspiring!!

    I was sad I didn't make it today but didn't want to risk getting sicker or passing on this blasted cough! I have the biggest antibiotics tablets I have ever seen, bigger than multivitamins!! :(

    How did your knitting go? Did you learn lots? You'll be overtaking me in no time. I still have to relearn. For the 4th time. Ridiculous. My brain is much holey-er than your knitting!!

  9. I was exactly the same when I learnt to knit and still occasionally make a mistake 30+ yrs down the track :)
    Good on you for having the determination to try something'll have the hang of it in no time.

  10. WAY TO GO you are tackling it! I PROMISE it gets better the more practise and errors you make. You have to do them to learn after all hey!

    I WILL get the crochet learning happening this year... and I will blog my errors and frustrations and all else!


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