Thursday, February 2, 2012

a finished fulled fiend

the finished fulled fiend 

Yes. You guessed it. A doll. Not just any doll though, a scheming pirate fiend who sails the high seas!

This was my first time ever fulling, or if you like felting, e(i)ther (e)ither, what ever floats your boat. Here is our pirate pal prior to being thrown in the washing machine.

pre-fulled Complete with an anchor tattoo on his arm.

tattooed arm

I am so thrilled with how he has turned out… for a fiend that is. His bandana needs a bit more fulling but that should be easy enough. We have a front loader washing machine so fulled this fellow at 65°C with an old pair of jeans and a tennis ball.  I’m not sure exactly how long he was in the machine – there was a dinner to cook, a tantrum to defuse and a babe to soothe – but my instinct thinks it didn’t need to be for as long as it was. This ship’s mate sure did shrink after his plunge.

a pirate fiend

He wasn’t that easy to pack with poly-fill, but with a bit of poking and prodding he has been nicely stuffed. I really was a good chance to finish this handmade toy for the big boys birthday if it hadn’t been for the dreadlocks. They took forever to hook, made up of close to two 50g balls of wool.


I’m so glad I kept going with them… they’re my favourite part.

Best of all – E adores him. Thinks he’s the best, was purely delighted to meet him. Chuffed. I think the two of them will be scheming, pirating and sailing the high seas for a while to come. Brilliant.


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  1. wow. I never would have guessed. This is beautiful work. I can't even manage to felt a jumper. His dreadlocks certainly look authentic too. Cherrie

  2. Wow! That is fantastic. How cool that a quick wash can take it from crochet to felt!

  3. Oh. My. God! I love him! He is awesome! So SO SOOOO Awesome. Did you come up with that pattern all by yourself? You have come so FAR!! He is not just a cool dude but a Very Awesome Pirate Dude! Yay! No wonder E is stoked. I would be too (clearly, as shown by all the exclamation marks in my comment)

    I hate to be unoriginal but I secretly hope his name has the initial JS. How disgustingly commercial of me!

  4. Wow! Wow! That is totally awesome! Totally! Love it! What a great job you did! It really did come up well. You should be well proud of yourself & no wonder E is as chuffed as he is. They will be bestest buds for a long time.

  5. Aagggghhhh me hearties! I love it Sal. I've never seen anything like him.

  6. Awesome! Well done! Wow! I never would have expected that to become a pirate. The fulling/felting is an excellent idea. Love the tattoo too.

  7. Wow he looks amazing! love the dreadies...


  8. You MADE this?!! He is amazing! Best mum in the world! This is a very memorable toy. Well done :)

  9. "Pirates are in this year." - Scott Pilgrim reference.

  10. har har there!

    That is a mighty fine job there (ar arghhhh)

    okay back to normal pirates dont talk craft... AT least you got felting working for you. I made a purse and it sort of half felted argggghhhhh

  11. Sal he's brilliant - seriously one of the best boy dolls I have seen - the effort on the dreads was worth it - they are ace!

  12. Blog seems to be working fine.
    This disappearing act seems to be happening more and more often tho.
    And that pirate is brilliant! Love him. x

  13. Wow didn't he turn out fabulously! I know those dreads are hard going (just like mine) but so worth it. I had trouble with the stuffing as well. I usually stuff before I felt but these dolls are so big you can't really do that. I bet E loves him. I know the girl who has my ballerina things she is the best. Such a huggable shape aren't they :-)

  14. Very cool, you'll have to show me how!

  15. Really cool! What a creative way to go about making a doll.


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