Wednesday, February 29, 2012

the first flare skirt

the finished skirt

In 2012 I’m endeavouring to make something for myself every month. Last month I whipped up some much needed pyjama pants and now for February I’ve made myself a skirt.

Since becoming a Mama I have pretty much lived in denim jeans. They’re comfy and well suited to the lifestyle of a mama at the playground and playing on the floor. Easy to wash and wear too. A winner. Even so I have been wanting to expand my wardrobe options a bit further – hence a new skirt.

Stylish skirts bookflare skirt

I drafted the flare skirt pattern from Stylish Skirts (also known as Flirt Skirts) that I borrowed from my local library. It was pretty obvious that something had gone quite awry in the drafting process when it came to hemming the skirt – the back was so much longer than the front in the centre of the back and shorter than the front at the side seams. Nothing that a good chop across the length couldn’t fix though. Prior to hand sewing the hem I modelled the skirt at last weekend’s Sewing Guild meeting and had lots of keen eyes check for correct length and evenness. I trust my sewing pals so much more than my partner when it comes to such matters.

I made the skirt using material bought from a local oppy. It was a bargain. The most expensive part of this skirt was the invisible zip. Now that I have made this skirt once I’ve worked through my pattern drafting issues and I’m ready to churn out some more… eventually. I want to have a go making the a-line skirt next.

the finished skirt (2)


  1. I like it! I wonder if the pieces got reversed somehow when cutting? But you salvaged it so nicely I wouldn't have guessed. I made myself three skirts last spring using Sew What Skirts, teaching myself as I went along. My problem is that I don't trust the measuring tape and tend to cut too generously at the waist. I haven't tried a zip in a skirt yet but I think that will be my challenge for this spring.

    Wear it happily~enjoy!

  2. I love your skirt. I've been re-modelling all the skirts in my wardrobe that don't fit and some I got from the oppy. I've spent years wearing jeans and am sick of it. My new mummy "uniform" is 3/4 leggings, skirt, top and cardy and either boots in winter or jandals in summer!!

    Now that I can sort of put a zipper in, I can alter them to fit me properly!!

  3. OH great job! Looks terrific! Now we need you to model it here!

    However, Long live jeans I say! lol

  4. I might have to see if I can get that book from the library to check out. Skirts are great - I wear skirts more these days than jeans.

  5. It's lovely Sal!
    I haven't heard of that book... may have to add another to the giant book wish list.

  6. Well done, I'm looking forward to March's item. Will it be the A-line or will it be something else?! Ahh the anticipation! How did you find your sewing guild? Do they accept re-learning beginners?

  7. Your skirt is a triumph! I can't get my head around the zip thing but I want to make a skirt too soon so I will have to learn. So far I have been lucky in my finds at the oppy. I think I will see if my library can get that book who wrote it please?


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