Wednesday, February 29, 2012

gingerbread people

ginger bread people

The boy is studying fairy tales at school. This week he has learnt about The Gingerbread Man. I can’t say I am familiar with the tale at all so I don’t suppose I’ve been very engaging when he has discussed the story tale’s (in his words) plot and themes. So when he came home yesterday and wanted to make gingerbread I was all for it… okay okay that is total bollocks – I was knackered and strung out with a misbehaving middle child and an over tired baby but nonetheless I said “Yes” because this is something I try very hard to do (with mixed success). I am so glad that I did – we all had a wonderful time measuring the ingredients, following the recipe, taking turns, being safe and while there was a mass exodus of the kitchen when it was time to clean up they did have the good grace not to fight and misbehave so I didn’t mind getting on with it on my own.

ginger bread moose

We made gingerbread moose too! Just because we could. Both gingerbread people and moose were decorated with happy and sad faces as I tried to engage my children in conversation about feelings. At times I hold concerns about my children’s emotional intelligence so every so often I like to be proactive in discussion. There are times in this parenting gig where the mister and I feel like we’re doing really well… and other times when we have stacks of parenting books on our bedside tables that are frantically being flicked through in a desperate search for answers. I digress.

hanging for some yummy treats

The recipe is a good one. Not too complicated and makes a good quantity without being totally ridiculous.

… and in order to keep perceptions balanced – baked beans straight from the tin and frozen veg zapped in the microwave were served to the children for their dinner. No complaints registered … they were of course hoping that if it was all polished off there’d be more gingerbread on offer for dessert.


  1. OH they are cool! I would make moose too if I had a moose! Good one!
    & I get the feelings discussion & all that! BJ is so perceptive of feelings! ... I had to get S in on a conversation last night to explain "truth" to BJ. My mind went blank & I was struggling to make sense! Help! lol

  2. Moose gingerbread, fantastic! I can tell you Sal that you have always been an inspirational parent to me. I have always loved how you talk to your kids, explain things (in detail and bring it back to the very core, probably as to not give Mr E the chance to ask "why?" ;) and how you engage them in deep meaningful conversations. I have always admired that and it is something I try to do more of myself, and whenever I do I think of you :D Like the other day when Ava asked "but mummy, HOW do babies get into the tummy?". I figured, there is no point in telling her anything but the truth and the whole truth. So with the help of a story book about the very topic I told her about sperms, and eggs and ovaries and tubes and period LOL. Ava's reply: "oh ok!" and off she went talking about soemthing else.

  3. Lovely! And I especially like the tie in to emotions you threw in. Great parenting! Hell, great parenting for just listening to your children and doing things with them! It's too sad to think of all the children whose parents who don't. You are doing just fine, your children will grow up to be wonderful big humans.

  4. A very wise friend once told me that your children will never remember what they had for dinner or how dirty the house was (obviously when this is out of the norm) but they always remember the things you do with them. She told me this after i asked her (me pre kids) how she had the energy to go kayaking on the dam with all the kids and their friends after just milking 300 cows with me, I know I was knackered and I was just going home to bed!

    I laughed at Moa's comment about how baby's get in the tummy....I told mine it was Special Love between Mum and Dad and that satisfied enough until just recently with the 10yr old.

    Nice gingerbread it doesn't look too soft? Could a house be made with that do you think? I'm still searching for a good recipe. Thought I had one this christmas but the whole thing collapsed as usual :-(


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