Thursday, February 16, 2012

little wonky stitches

little wonky stitcheslittle wonky stitches (2)little wonky stitches (3)

Little wonky stitches made today. They’ll form part of the little something that I am making for myself in February, a project that I have wanted to make for sometime now but always put off in order to make for others. Today has been wonky too – crooked, off-centre and askew. The littlest amongst us is unwell and unsettled. His gums are hurting and he is sniffley and uncharacteristically grumpy. It hurts my heart when his cries reveal his pain. Eventually he managed to catch some sleep in the middle of the day, the rest was much needed by he and I both.

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  1. I hope the poor little boys teeth dont bother him to long...

    I dont see no wonky stitches! If you think that is wonky - HA check mine out!

  2. love it! Nice stitching!

    Hope O gets over his tooth ache soon! It's heart breaking not being able to help much!

  3. Oh goodness I hope your wern't trying to stitch while he was grizzling and with lack of sleep....I would have stabbed myself in the finger :-) Hope you both get some rest and little ones teeth don't cause him any more bother.

  4. It's nice to see you've been able to find the time make a little something for yourself, it's looking very sweet so far.

    I hope your little boy has a good nights sleep and feels better in the morning:) x

  5. I so love embroidering! Are you new to it? It gets addictive. :)

    I used to swear by Hyland's teething tablets. They're homeopathic, and I don't know if they're available in Australia but maybe there is another company there that makes homeopathic teething remedies. They were so wonderful I'd buy two bottles at a time to make sure I didn't run out.

  6. Poor O! Teething must be such an awful feeling.

    Your stitching is very cute. I am interested to see what it turns into!

  7. Poor little man! Sweet little stitches. Do show when finished.

  8. Um those stitches don't look wonky to me Sal...
    I hope today your little man is feeling a bit better, you too.

  9. I keep seeing so many awesome embroidery things out there now. Makes me want to learn the craft.

  10. I don't see wonky, only a beautiful designed and stitched embroidery. I love all red on neutral too.

  11. Wonky stitches add character! I love finding then following new special spaces. I am sure I willl enjoy engaging and supporting this wonderful place you have created. Thank you for sharing, I am so glad I have found you. I hope you will find some time to come visit me soon. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  12. Hi Sally - you make very cute wonky stitches! enjoy all the little moments and challenges of mumhood, before you know it, it'll be their last year at high school and they'll be talking about moving out (sheds a small tear :()
    I Love being a mum! lots of love to you x


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