Saturday, February 25, 2012

lots a living and a loving

By geez! How is it that I made it through the first five years of E.’s life thinking that I’d have more time once he was in school? What the? This five days a week at school gig is exhausting … for me! Getting three smalls ready and into the car for drop off in the morning and then back again in the afternoon for pickup having had a proper nap is way tricker than I had ever anticipated. I’m not loving living by the school’s schedule. It is actually completely doing my head in. Who knew it was going to be such an effort? Such a struggle? So at odds with my personality and way of life? Mmmm… okay perhaps I should have seen it coming – but I didn’t so the mister and I are undertaking constant reflection on how we can do things better. The only way is up. This past week we forgot to pack the library bag & book for library day, were late arriving to school on assembly day and neglected to remind child to submit his communication diary. *exhale*

Still there has been a lot of living and loving in these parts this past week. Hence complete and utter blog neglect.

On Sunday I went to Brown Owls which I always enjoy. So nice to hang with crafty types. Then on Sunday night I  went out with my man to see our first gig sans children since, well since having children! We saw Cornershop who were performing as part of the Perth Festival.  It was brilliant! We were a little disappointed that they didn’t perform much material from their latest album but we still had a delightful evening. And it really was delightful. A balmy evening in the city on our own. So so so good. So good in fact that the mister was even in the mood to dance with me. YAY! Fun times.

festival gardenscornershop on stageduckie love

Monday was a bit of a right-off. It was hot. We’d been out the night before. There was a pleasant tiredness and slowness about the day.

Tuesday the mister and I celebrated fifteen years together with a take away Indian meal after a hectic day of appointments and errands. Life doesn’t stop for love.

I gifted the love of my life a super duper bike that I found at the recent verge collection. I had been wondering what on earth to get my man – the more I know him the harder it is – and then BOOM this bike almost jumped out at me from the side of the road. It is perfect. He’d been talking about how much he loved bikes with this older style of handle bar and how he’d like to ride again. It was as if it was meant to be… just like us. Better still it was free – someone else’s trash was our treasure. My mister loves a good bargain, I might even be known to call him cheap, so this made the gift utterly perfect in his eyes. There was some loved stitched graffiti on a pillow slip too!

perfect anniversay gift ever

love stitching

Wednesday we visited friends for play dates and Thursday we babysat a friend. Thursday night was a parent-teacher meeting at the school. There wasn’t time to draw a breath … I just kept going and going.

6 mths

Baby O reached six months on Thursday. I can’t believe it. Six months! I’ll write more about that soon. So much to reflect on. Not long ago I read a tweet to the effect that parenthood is the ultimate state of ambivalence. So true.

Friday was a rough day for Ms. M and Baby O. All the running around plus our new drop off/pick up schedule which has impacted on their nap times meant that by Friday afternoon they were both having major meltdowns. I had a splitting headache too. Still I managed to drag myself out for dinner with friends from my original mother’s group, albeit I was running rather late. I had a brilliant time and I’m so glad that I pushed myself to go. It was so tempting to pike and just collapse on the bed.

Today I’ve been at my sewing guild meeting… and now? Well now I am finally lounging on my bed with my feet up resting. *exhale*

And there you have it. My hectic week – filled to the brim with lots of living and loving.

What about your week? Was it actioned packed too?


  1. yes ours was action packed galore as well. And yes we also celebrated 15 years together as well last last week! I am pleased I am not the only mummy who forgets things. I feel I need to devote my attention to them and school as well so it seems craft is missing out - but then that is okay - at least we are all swimming above water...

  2. Sal I feel just like you: PE nd Italian on different days added to art, library, music, show and tell and assembly at school then kinder drop off and pick up, swimming lesson, dancing class, groceries, meeting up with friends and car service and this week "the guy who lives here" was away.
    I find it helps ease the morning if I do as much as possible the night before. Even down to chopping up watermelon and carrot sticks and spooning yoghurt and hummus into little containders, every minute counts!
    Let's hope it gets easier.

  3. Parent teacher nights already when he's only been at school for a minute??? Wow!
    Yep, crazy here too, & hot to boot so that makes the small ones crosser! Hope you get the hang of your schedule soon! Sounds like I have something to look forward to next year! NOT! :-)

  4. Oh Sally, I have no idea how you manage to get it all done, NO IDEA! Congratulations on your beautiful new bubba, big grown up school boy and for living your life to the fullest. Inspirational.
    much love,

  5. School is weird and takes a long time to get used to! Is your son feeling it too or oblivious to the change in routine?

    When I was on prac, the hardest thing to get used to was not being able to go to the toilet and eat whenever I wanted haha.

  6. Your sweet pillow has inspired me to get onto an embroidered pillow project that has been waiting for a while on my cutting table. I think my Darling Daughter would love a pillow like yours, she's just passed her first year anniversary with her first boyfriend, they are so cute, just like an old married couple already.

  7. wow what a week sally AND you so kindly found the time to share :) we have a newbie at school too this year & I am LOVING it. as much as i miss him, the peace is blissful & worth the 9 & 3 schedule! as miss E said when i asked if she missed X,'s much quieter without him!! hmm words from a 3 yr old. hope the routine gets easier sally, although baby o must still be having 2 sleeps which isnt easy.

  8. School stuff is hard. We have also forgotted library bags/book, news, notes and almost parent teacher night. I can't even imagine how much harder it is with a 6 month old!

  9. Wow, what a week! I have been eagerly awaiting hearing how your date night went on Sunday, glad it was a great night :)

    Are you friends with any of the Mums in E's class? That live near you? Maybe you could try to organise a pick up swap? She drops E home one day and your drop her kid home one day so that you both get one arvo off from school pick ups a week?

    And don't worry at all about forgetting those things for school! Everyone has those sort of weeks and as long as he gets there, healthy, clean and with something nutritious in his lunch box then the teachers are happy.

    Hope this week coming is a slightly less hectic one :)

  10. My Goodness Sally if I had so much running around to do each day I'd be flat out on the blankie like your 6 month old. You are a phenomenon!

  11. I also hate living by the school schedule. We're in our third year and I wish I could say I've gotten used to it but it still feels so constricting. I'm seriously considering homeschooling again because I don't think I'm cut out for the school parent thing.

    Also, I'm not a fan of school requirements that are actually work for the parents. If it's too much for a 5yo to keep track of, they shouldn't be asking for it. (See? I'm a bad school parent!!)

  12. I loathe the school routine mostly because my youngest gets so tired by the end of the week that meltdowns are almost a definite on Fridays. Homework....wait till they get homework, don't get me started :-) Holidays and PJ days are the best!

  13. Your week has had everything. Phew! And you got out and had fun too.
    How did our mother's do the school run thingo. It would do my head in too.

    Happy 6 months on your little one.


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