Wednesday, February 15, 2012

on the wall

pictures from vietnam

A recent addition to the “big” smalls’ room are these framed hand painted pictures that I bought in Vietnam at the turn of the century.  The blue one is my favourite. I find its whimsy enchanting.

E on the wall       E. completed this life-size self portrait of himself at the start of kindy last year. It came home with him at the end of the school year and now lives on the wall in their room too. I adore it. So much colour and real scale. Precious.

Things are coming along from way back when, there are also handprints on a wall, footprints on a wall and even printed photos on a wall… nevertheless there are still plenty of blank walls.

What do you have hanging on  your wall?

… and a big hooray and thanks to Vic -  I’m going to miss hanging out at your place.


  1. love those prints but really love the self portrait. very skilled for one so young. that shows real promise

  2. It's the colour that got me in Sally. How could anyone not be happy sitting in that room!? :)) x

  3. kids artwork...ahhh, so beautiful, love it all.
    wow, love the self portrait, very advanced for kinder!

  4. I love kids art... it's always SO expressive hey! Gorgeous :)

  5. Aw, so sweet!

    Thanks for playing along with me one last time hon. xx


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