Sunday, February 12, 2012

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There are times when I question why I blog. Just over a week ago my blog disappeared. It just upped and vanished. I managed to get it back. I just clicked and clicked not really knowing what I was doing or where my clicking was heading and eventually the powers that be restored my blog.

It was a strange thing. I was a little upset but not as much as I had thought I would be. I’d imagined that I would be very distraught. My blog is a record of how I have travelled, how I have developed, my changing interests and my growing children. I had always considered that my blog would just always be. That as a published online document it is there for me at anytime and anyplace. One of the reasons I have persisted to blog is that it is a virtual record of little aspects of my life. As I observe from afar people afflicted by fires, floods and earthquakes it occurred to me that my blog is indestructible. Other possessions, items, ephemera can be destroyed or stolen from me but not my blog. Now I know that not to be true. Yet I’m not certain that it has changed my attitudes to blogging in any significant way.

This past week I have struggled to blog. There is a new routine being formed. The children and I now travel to the local primary school twice a day five times a week. Fitting in all the chores and naps around the school dictated schedule has been challenging. I wonder if I will ever find the energy to visit all the blogs I love, find the time to write posts myself, find the energy to create things other than tomorrow’s sandwich. I wonder.

This morning I brainstormed the reasons I blog. Perhaps you can help me – why do you blog?


  1. I started blogging as an outlet and as a way to feel less alone and make friendships.

    Sounds like you had a tough week with all those new things starting and teeth coming through! Starting new routines is hard, the school 5 days a week particularly so. When I taught PP there were plenty of mums talking about how crazy it was at home trying to do all the school prep everyday.

    I hope each week gets a little bit easier and you find your blogging mojo again! Nothing wrong with having a little rest from it all while you adjust.

  2. I truly hate the school routine. It does get into a routine, though, so that's something.

    Hmm. I've had different types of blogs over the years, so I'll answer for the two I have now. I blog about the kids & art stuff (1) because being accountable to a blog (even if nobody ever read it! but some people do now) helped me make those activities a priority and a habit and (2) to hopefully inspire other people to do the same. I began craft blogging when I began to have time to actually make stuff again, and I wanted to talk about it. I used to blog more about family life, but I stopped that (& took that blog down) when my kids went to school.

  3. I know what you mean about the struggle to blog - my eldest started school last year. I went from blogging nearly every day to just 25 times for the whole year. I'm not sure what happened to the idea that school would give me more creative time :-) I'm hoping to get back into writing again this year, as it makes me happy.

    PS. Make sure you pop over to the Settings tab on your blog and do an "Export" every now and then to do a back-up. Your beautiful photography, thoughts and words are too precious to lose. xx

  4. School drop offs are hard. Teething babies are hard. Toddlers are hard. Sometimes blogging can be hard, esp if you've lost your mo jo.

    Take it easy and it'll come back. We all blog for many reasons and eventually you'll find the drive again. :)

  5. What a surreal thing to happen. This is something I've been struggling with on and off for the past year. Why i blog and struggling with it. And also While i don't have kids life has just become busier and that time I used to find for it, is no longer there. I find myself wondering how i managed to blog more reguluarly. I never really came up with much of answer, except in the end of the day giving it up made me too sad. Blogging for the most part has always been about the connections with people for me and a way of both being inspired and an outlet.

  6. I think I blog for those very same reasons. I started blogging after I had to resign from my job, so I guess it was something to fill that void too. Something to stop me from feeling completely useless!

  7. don't give up sally, i only just discovered your blog & LOVE it :) the new year obviously brings adjusting to & i for one am appreciative of any time you spend blogging :) good luck with finding the right balance :)

  8. My blog is also meant to be an indestructible record of my sewin/making/thrifting. But if it all goes my life will go on. I stopped blogging when I stopped making due to th stress of moving. It didn't matter. Later, when I had more energy I began to make and again blog my making. Comments give me a short zing, let me know I am not worthless but the extra sensitive ones such I received from you lately are also a wonderful comfort. I also like to share my inventions and be motivated by others new ideas. I don't think it is going to be a forever thing for me but I'll enjoy it while I do. School lunches? No way. I am so glad that part of my life is over. I didn't mind the trips back and forth to drop off and pick up but the lunch making was the height of misery for me. But I get the kids to do all the cooking mostly these days. Cherrie

  9. I know what you mean. For a period there, I didn't blog for almost 2 months, and then started up again. Blogging didn't fit into my life at that point so I didn't try and make it... eventually I got back into it. Don't put unnecessary pressure on yourself!

  10. I have been having trouble finding the time to blog lately.

    We have kinder, 3yo kinder, playgroup, library, swimming and speech therapy to fit in at the moment.

    There is only a precious, small amount of time left for actually doing things worthy of blogging about and that is taking priority at the moment.

    I am sure I will get it together soon.

    I blog to keep a record. It makes me feel like I am important to people other than just my family. I like to share. I like that others find it interesting, though I mostly do it for me. It makes me feel connected to the outside world. I love that even when you aren't blogging, there is still a social side of it all, so the connection is still there.

  11. You know you can have your blog published for your own copy... not sure where though!

    Just let it happen when it suits and works for you. Blogging cannot become a chore or a demand "to do"...

  12. Hello Sally,

    Don't worry you will soon get into a routine of sorts. Just take one day at a time. Hope tomorrows sandwhich is fantastic!!!

    Happy Monday.

  13. Going to school each day with two little ones to get in and out of the car can be hard. I only had one to deal with and I remember how unsettling it was for her. It does take time to get into that routine, things will start to flow a bit easier but it's just a day by day thing. I hope you get your groove back and a break is always good too. Blogging is for fun and I blog for all of those reasons you written but if it's not fun anymore then I try and take a break to recharge. Take care and if you only have the energy to get that sandwich made then that's what's most important. xx

  14. Hi Sal, I'm on my phone, so typing frustrating, bear with me & any auto corrects! I enjoy the writing bit of my blog, I like words. Sometimes they come more easily than others. I am in a relatively isolated area & often feel "different, odd, not 'mainstream' ". Sometimes I blog about, or read others blogs about a specific issue & the content & comments help me feel less like a weirdo! Other people do enjoy the things I do, do share similar values- or, if values aren't shared can still respect difference & engage in thoughtful conversation. My time is limited by the frustration of our internet connection & set up. Also, I think blogging has seasons for me, while I do aspire to use it to help me create better routines! I limit the kids screen time so don't like to be in front of a screen too much during my time with them too. I hope school routine is settling. Pity It's not 3 days a week I reckon!

  15. I am facing a similar dilemma at the moment...whether to continue blogging or not.
    I went through and did a big cull of blogs that I no longer connect with and received an email from one of the bloggers asking why I had I unfollowed and that she was very upset by my actions. it was never my intention to cause anyone to hurt and now I don't seem to have the heart to blog.
    I hope you find a balance Sally :)

  16. It's hard to juggle the needs of everyone when theres a new routine especially around the sleep time of a bay Sal. I feel like all I have done this past two weeks is drop off and pick up but am hopeful we will all settle in soon, I hope the same happens for you.
    After resigning from my job to stay home with the girls I started to blog as a way of connecting with others with similar interests, something my IRL friends didn't have as lovely as they are!
    I never could have imagined the real and valuable friendships and relationships that would come from my blog and I am really grateful for them. xx

  17. I'm actually seeing a bit of this subject around the net Sally. Seems there are quite a few of us struggling with it.
    My take on it is that I think we try too hard to be a great blogger in the beginning and end up posting too often and probably too big, coz we think that's what we should do. Then as our lives change for different reasons and time is hard to find, it becomes a chore and we know what that means. I'm coming to terms with blogging when I have something I think is worthwhile to post, and not worrying that I might not be posting as often as I thought I should be!! We need to keep that aspect of fun and enjoyment in there or it's just not going to work.
    I started out blogging purely as a tool to promote my website back in 2008(I think it was), but soon realised that it had become much more than that. Esp when I started to 'meet' so many lovely online peeps! I still keep it going for that promotional aspect for my online stores, but there is so much more depth to it, and I think I'm afraid I'd lose touch with all those fabulous onliners I've met along the way!
    Somehow, we have to find that happy medium......easy to say I know! :) x

    heheh, have just noticed that one of the word verification codes is Asylum!! These blogs make us feel that's where we'll end up one day with how frustrating they can be!

  18. I've just come back to blogging after a year or so break (and a whole new blog) and some of the reasons are the same, but some are new. Definitely as an outlet. I love making things, and a blog post is definitely something that needs to be created so it fills the image and words need quite nicely. Also I needed to find a community of crafty like-minds (still working on that part!) I don't seem to have comments on my current blog and I thought that would bother me (no traffic!) but it's kind of nice not having that massive responsibility to respond to twenty comments per post. So it is a double edged sword - it is work but it is play. It brings about friendships but also requires time to nurture so many new people in your (online) life. It's to share but also something just for me. There's no straight answer - whether to blog or not. You will and you won't at different stages. If you don't feel the love for it though, something may need to change.

    Good luck with your decision making! And the new routine too. Change is scary... but good.


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