Thursday, March 15, 2012

baking scones

baking sconesbaking scones (2)baking scones (3)

Ms. M and I baked scones today. They’re so quick and easy to make. We weighed our ingredients having lots of fun looking at the numbers on the scales. Ms. M was thrilled to get the job of glazing. She was very thorough.


A couple were a little dark around the corners. They were at the front of the oven and maybe a little thicker than some of the others – but only marginally. I was very impressed with M’s skills with the rolling pin and scone cutter*.


We sat down with our scones and cuppas and enjoyed an episode of Postman Pat together. Quality girl time before heading off to ballet.

Best of all her brother loved them so much when he got home that he asked his little sister to make him some for school next week. High compliment indeed.

* I bought that scone cutter on a family holiday to Victoria stopping at Sovereign Hill back in 1989 and now my daughter uses it to cut dough.


  1. i love scones and the little chef whose making it here is very cute, MASHAALLAH.

  2. She looks like she is enjoying herself and what a wonderful brotherly compliment!! Hope the quality time makes a difference for the next few days at least!

    Fresh scones with lots of butter are my favourite!

  3. She looks like she is taking her glazing job very seriously......and how tidy is your bench top - it looks like World War 3 at Ellieboo when me and the kid cook!!!

  4. Oh how nice. & calm girl & some girl time baking! Special! & a change from earlier in the week. Glad it has improved!

  5. Yum! They look so good. I suck at making scones. They never rise enough.

  6. Yummo! I LOVE scones (especially warm with butter).

    Those are lovely photos.

    One of my fave photos is one that mum took of my sister when she was about your Ms M's age. In it she is hanging out 'the washing' (her dolls clothes that she had washed in a bucket) on a rope tied across the backyard.

  7. A little chef in the making. My Mum has the same scone cutter from the same place. I think that we are going to have to plan a getaway over there while we are living in Victoria.
    Sounds like it may become a weekly thing:)

  8. Yummy! I love the flour giveaway on the face :-)

  9. Oh I love scones and yours look delish! and what a great thing to do with Ms M, i can see how much she enjoyed it. and Bonus about her older brother.
    Perhaps the confidence boost she needed right now.
    Good mumming mum! xo

  10. what a great way to spend mother daughter time :) scones is something im yet to per-fect. maybe miss M can teach me some day!

  11. I've been trying to perfect scones over the last year. Oh am I rubbish! they are pretty well terrible, consistently. I guess that's something! I figure with enough jam and cream even cardboard would taste yummy. Got a secret recipe? I have tried nigellas and stephanie alexanders.

  12. Scones are my absolute weakness. I went to a bakery at lunchtime the other day and told myself to order something proper for lunch. And then I saw the scones. I think you can guess what I had for lunch :).

  13. ummm yummmm

    That is great you both has such a good time doing this!

    Now I need to make some scones - my mouth is watering!

  14. Love this - just gorgeous :) Kx


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