Wednesday, March 14, 2012

sunshine all around

Another shitty night. Can’t be helped – babies will grow teeth and get colds and cry for most of the night. It’s to be expected. The mister is sick too. I’m not 100% but I’m doing okay. I know I can do it. This little crappy spell has the silver lining of illustrating to myself just how far I’ve come, just how strong I’m growing.

The sun was shining in these parts today with a gentle breeze. Just a lovely day to be outside. I was the parent helper at E.’s school in the morning. After another night this week of barely any sleep it was yet again a hard slog to get there, but once I was the energy from the children and in particular the excitement from E charged my batteries and got me through the rest of the day. We spent time outside doing sports, went to the library and then learnt about the sound “i”. Great stuff.

When I got home a parcel was waiting for me. Even better. And inside? All this lovely dovely uber ace vintage goodness

vintage sheetsvintage sheet lovevintage sheet love (2)vintage sheet rainbow

An easy afternoon in which I finally got a moment to cut out the fabric for my Continental Dress. Paella for dinner. Stories in bed. Annabel’s Kitchen Cabinet.

… and there you have it. Sunshine all around.


  1. Oh dear, hope those teeth finish cutting soon! Or at least give you a few nights off in between the next one. It's funny how put in front of a class full of kids, no matter how tired you are you can just switch back 'on'

    Lovely package of beautiful vintage fabrics, there are some beauties in there!

  2. Pity we aren't closer! We are having a week of nights like that too! We could be hanging out all night keeping each other company! Hope your nights get easier soon!
    Love the fabric!

  3. i think you you must have donned your cape and put on your supermum make-up. what a day. good on you for finding so much to feel good about in the face of extreme fatigue.i love your fabrics. keep up the good work and hugs to the poor toothy baby

  4. You are on to a good attitude there. It's funny that what we think of as the cutey stage of babies is also so incredibly draining. Don't vintage fabrics just make you swoon? Love them, especially the brights. I've cut down on my fabric buying, even vintage because I realise that all the beauties I already own are languishing away, just waiting for their time in the limelight. Hope you get a good rest at some stage. Cherrie

  5. Teething sure is the pits. I remember my nana saying that if we remembered the pain we went through growing our teeth we would appreciate and look after them a whole lot better :)

    Glad you found some sunshine in your day Sally.


  6. There's a good reason why babies are so cute. I'm really liking that fabric with the red. Parent help at school sounds like fun.

  7. Good on you for the good attitude. Lovely package too--that definitely helps!

    Someone in our parent-child group swears by the teething necklaces--I think they're amber? Are they available there? I hope you get some sleep soon. It's so hard when it's the second or third and you can't just crash during the day when the baby finally does.

  8. Oh teeth! Hoping our little one waits for as long as possible before thinking about getting those. :) Thank goodness for gorgeous fabric. Hope its keeping you smiling Sally. There are so gorgeous patterns and colours there indeed. xx

  9. Aahhh surprises are the best thing hey : o ).

    That is a YUMMY collection of goodness fabric!

  10. I got some of those same fabrics in my haul! Fun, huh?

  11. Wow! You really scored with your fats quarters! I think we got a few the same :)

  12. Sleepless nights really zap you the next day and you can't catch up easily if you have 2 other children. Weren't we lucky with the first and we just never knew it :-) Nice parcels in the mail do make things a bit brighter as does the enthusiasm of the littlies learning new things. Hope the teething doesn't last too long :-)


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