Wednesday, March 28, 2012

wednesday is library day

Wednesday is library day. Wednesday is library day. Wednesday is library day. Wednesday is library day. Wednesday is library day. Wednesday IS library day.

Oh my. The pressure not to forget. Mobile phones have been set with reminders, we know the theory of packing bags the night before… and yet still this morning we frantically turn the house upside down looking for E’s library book.

On the upside we did know where his new swanky library bag was – at the front door… but empty!wednesday is library day

Made my moi of course using material from the stash chosen by E – the same material he chose for his backpack last year.

A big shout out of thanks to Dadda Dave who found the book at the last minute as we rushed out the door resigned to the fact that an awkward “we’ve lost the book” conversation was going to take place. You’re a legend.


  1. never a dull moment right?! i think a calm, smooth organised with military precision morning would just make the rest of the day feel less exciting somehow, it's like the adrenalin rush of getting out the door with everything and everyone ready gets the heart started!

  2. Oh, thanks for the laugh, Sally. I suppose this is the upside of sending my kids to a school too small to have a lending library. Of course I have to get them to the local library often, or do my best to pick out books I think they'll like when I'm there during the day, and I couldn't keep THOSE due dates straight at all without the wonders of the online library login system. :)

  3. Hooray for Dave!

    I remember having book bags that my Mother made too. I loved picking the fabric! :)

  4. I can never remember library day, I should set a reminder on my phone too...:-)))

  5. That's so cute! The bag, the rush around to look for the books and the constant reminder too. I loved library day in my primary school days & Bebito loves our local library. The school we are considering has a super sweet library & it's one of the major selling points for me.


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