Sunday, April 22, 2012

a bag, a song and a sleeping baby

I made a bag. Nothing fancy mind you, but a useful bag nonetheless. I used the slouch bag pattern found in Linen, Wool, Cotton by Akiko Mano.  It was the first item I’ve made using this book and it was relatively straight forward. Instead of using linen I opted for 100% cotton chambray otherwise I made the bag following the instructions closely – even down to the suggestion of using green thread.  I think if I’d made my own choice I would probably have just gone with red. I love red thread. It’s my favourite. Saying that though that I am loving the green thread with this blue chambray. A good lesson in trying things other people’s way – you just never know.Chambray bag It is a huge bag. Brilliant for stuffing full with loads and loads of items. Such a bag is always going to come in handy with three children. It’s only short fall is perhaps more mine… that my arm is just a little to short to reach the bottom of the bag whilst it is still slung on my shoulder. This is a painful hassle when I am rummaging for a dummy, or the snacks, or the sunscreen or what ever item happens to have sunk to this bag’s magnificent depths and of course is urgently being demanded my one of my offspring.

big bag of fabric 2

No matter. It is currently being used to house a special project I’ve planned for baby O. I’ve drawn it up, and thought it out. Now to just bite the bullet and give it a shot. Emotionally the project, my first go at a quilt, is a bit hard to progress. The dream of it in my mind is so wonderful that I’m hesitant to bring it to life. I know I’ve just got to break through this and get it made. After all something is better than nothing. Watch this space, and with a bit of backbone there’ll be something for my dear baby boy in time for winter.

Speaking of baby O I had “his” song printed and finally got around to putting it in a frame. Each of the children has a song, but perhaps I’ll write more about that another day. The background is too white, but with luck it will yellow with age. With all that I have on the go at the moment I’m just happy for it to be framed, and down the track I might fine-tune colours, fonts and backgrounds. Again, something is better than nothing. 

the gamblerlittle sleeper the nursery

Poor O. He hasn’t been feeling too good at all today. I was knocked out for two days at the end of the week with some kind of mystery illness and had feverish fits similar (but not the same) to those I experienced with malaria. What is bothering O doesn’t seem to be the same bug, but I’m keeping a close eye on him. I suspect there are some teeth making their way down too. Singing “his” song calms him down, always.

He sleeps beside me now on my bed. His breath harsh and his sleep restless. It is time for more cuddles.


  1. Oh, sweet, all of it. I hope he feels better soon.

    I haven't jumped into a quilt yet either. I'll be cheering you on!

    I'm still toting a backpack around most of the time. I think I should just get myself a really pretty, fashionable one. I like all the pockets. It keeps "my" stuff separate from the stuff I'm toting around for everybody else. My stuff goes in the smallest pocket, of course!!

  2. Jump in, Sally. Jump in! I am so glad I eventually did and now I can make quilts.

  3. Oh, "The Gambler" - your son's got a fantastic taste in music, I love that song! Hope he gets well soon!

  4. Love all the pics. Looking forward to hearing the story of their songs & long to know what the songs are of the other 2!
    Quilt is great so far! You have drawn it out & created! Go forth & create! You can do it!
    Poor O. Hope he is well soon. I'm so over these teeth coming along! (same problem here!) lol Hope his are through soon...

  5. Oh, poor little boy. I know all about that harsh breath at the moment. It's an unnerving and comforting noise at the same time when they are sick, as at least you can hear them breathing when they are sick. Or is that just me?

    Dive in to the quilt! I'm sure you will love it and even if you stuff up what is the worse that will happen? It might be like the green thread, something else just as wonderful might come out of it.

    Love the bag too. Perhaps a slightly shorter one is on the cards? :)

  6. love his sleep space. Love little Jess panda looking over him.

    The Gambler is the only song in the whole world Chef knows every word too.

  7. your first quilt how exciting. be careful though, theyre addictive !! hope little O feels better soon :)

  8. Oh poor little O i hope he feels better soon. ( i think I'm suffering the same mystery illness as you did with flu on top)
    and Sally i know this feeling about the thing in your head and the fear of making it and it not being as good ( and I feel I live out the fear constantly) but honestly it will be even more special the real one, because it is made by you with all your love for baby O in it much like the hug blanky, a living visible hug. SO go on, start I know you can do it. And even if you are dissapointed with it, I doubt Baby O will be and that's who really matters as it's for him xo

  9. OH look at his face! Suddenly he look like a little boy!

    Oh I would be interested in the song idea... I am sure I have something similar but cannot think at the moment.

    I hope he recovers quickly. There is a nasty gastro and croup going around here and (tapping wood) we have managed to avoid it - so far!

    BTW how is Dad?

  10. Poor boy, it's hard going when they are sick, I hope he's soon on e mend.
    Loving the style of your bag, it looks perfect for holding any number of items.
    I'm still dabbling into my first quilt and I must say I have loved the process so,far. Give it a go, I think you'll be
    pleasantly surprised.

  11. I hope you are both feeling better soon! I'm looking forward to hearing more about the story behind the songs :)

  12. I love that bag Sal and I think that the chambray fabric is a great choice with that green thread. I do hope your little one recovered quickly and he's feeling himself again. x


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