Monday, April 2, 2012

how sweet it is to be loved by my mob

Thanks to all for your lovely birthday wishes. I had a wonderfully sweet day with my nearest and dearest.

We’d originally planned a family picnic day outside the metro area but plans were scratched on waking to a grey and drizzly morning. Not to worry. The sun did shine right about lunch time so we packed the food and high tailed it to a local beach.

having a picnic

We had great food…

picnic basket on the picnic plate
bottle of wine apple and pecan friands

and of course one of us just couldn’t help himself.

couldn't help himself

My favourite gifts were the homemade ones…

…a badge from each of my bigger babes.
E. explained that his badge is a picture of the sky. I love them both more than words can describe and wore them proudly all day.

a hug

E. chose to colour in this picture as a hug to me.  When I made his crochet blanket I told him there was a hug in every stitch, whenever he was wrapped in the blanket he was being hugged by me. Same goes for this picture – when ever I see it I’m getting a hug from E. On hearing this my heart swelled so big I thought it was going to burst through my chest.

hand made cards, socks wrapped in fabric and flowers and foliage picked from the gardensweet flowers

There were handmade cards, flowers and foliaged picked from the garden and socks wrapped in half metres of fabric the children had chosen themselves.

And of course a birthday cake…

strawberry cheesecake

…a baked strawberry cheesecake.

I wrote earlier today that I am privileged and this special day highlighted to me just how much.

There is no greater privilege than being loved by my mob. How sweet it is.


  1. What a wonderful picnic! How lucky the weather cleared up enough for you :) Happy birthday, you were spoilt indeed!

  2. Happy Birthday - looks like you had a totally gorgeous day with your smalls :)

  3. Now that's one special way to spend your day.
    Funny how different the weather can be between you and was overcast here all day and rained off and on.

  4. OH That hug card from E is just about the most beautiful thing i've ever seen/heard about.
    What a sweetie.
    So happy you had such a glorious day and they love you and spoil you the way you deserve xo

  5. so gorgeous! Look at O sitting up by himself! wow! beautiful pictures!

  6. Happy belated birthday! What a wonderful family you have.

  7. happy bday gorgeous lady, looks like an absolutely wonderful day.
    loving your gifts and those gorgeous creations of yours.
    big hugs ♥


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