Sunday, April 1, 2012

lisette continental pattern :: view b

lisette view B

Yesterday I managed to hide in the grey room long enough to sew up View B from the Lisette Continental pattern. It came together really easily and I rather adore the back gather feature. This time I just followed the pattern to the letter. I made the one size – no adjustments. It works pretty well… except that the neckline at the front is way too high and on me almost looks like I’m wearing it backwards. Next time I’ll be adjusting the neckline to be lower at the front and the bust darts a little longer for extra shape. I’m not certain where this fabric came from. I have a feeling that I picked it up online from a vintage fabric retailer. Where ever I got it from it must have been a bargain for me to buy watermelon colour.


  1. Oh I LIKE that! Well done : o )

    I like the back gathering as well. Gosh you are good.

  2. I loooove watermelon... in fact when I was hanging out the washing yesterday I think I had ten watermelon/red/pink tops.
    I really love the back gathers on this one, but I have the same issue with the high neckline. Thanks for the heads (necks) up!

  3. So impressed! I haven't attempted anything like this. Love those back gathers, too.

  4. Well done! You are so clever!

  5. This is awesome, I love it, I might try it now I've seen you make it :)

  6. Some sewing time as a pre-birthday present, excellent! The top looks great, looking forward to seeing all the winter sewing come off the ranks next :)


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