Thursday, April 5, 2012

a skirt sewn with the anti-pant girl

a quick skirt

It’s been pretty busy around these parts this week. Birthday celebrations coupled with every member of the family being afflicted with an illness of one sort of another has meant not a lot of available time for creative pursuits. There hasn’t been a lot of sleep for me – on Tuesday/Wednesday night I didn’t get to sleep until 8am in the morning, and then it was only for an hour! Apologises to any pinterest followers who would have been inundated with pins from me as I cuddled my children who were playing tag that night.


Nonetheless Ms. M and I did find some precious girl time to sew together a very quick skirt in one of her favourite colours. She has recently shot up and so there isn’t a lot fitting in her wardrobe at the moment. She chose the fabric, helped cut it and then sat on my lap as we put it through the machine. It reminded me of days past, I do so hope we will do much more sewing together into the future.


I am so hoping, or perhaps dreaming, that there will be time for sewing and crochet over the long weekend. Do you have creative dreams for the weekend too?

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  1. Oh, I love that you sewed it together. I will have to do that with my daughter's next skirt. Typically I sew on a counter-height table, sitting on a stool, with the foot pedal propped up so it's the right height. (I know, ergonomic nightmare, I'm sure.) But I told my daughter (because she's asked to sew with me) I'd move it all to the dining room table so I could sit in a proper chair and have a lap for her to sit on, too. Which means, of course, clearing off that bit of the dining room table that never seems to get unpiled. :)

  2. Gorgeous Sally! Love that you do it together... praps she needs a wee sewing machine of her own?!

  3. Oh gorgeous! Lovely times had with the wee girlie...

  4. Cute skirt!
    I hope you not only manage to catch up on sleep this long weekend but that you find time to enjoy a bit of crafting.

  5. Oooh, & its pink! Not much pink or skirts in my girls wardrobe. Shorts & aqua all the way for her. Lovely to do it together.

  6. It's very pretty indeed:) She'll love twirling around in this skirt. I hope you get some sewing and crochet time in this weekend, it's on my list of things to do too:) x


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