Wednesday, April 18, 2012

what’s cooking?

The easier pace of school holidays has resulted in a lot of action in the kitchen. We’ve been cooking up a storm. More friands, baked custards, muffins, pasta and soups. Lots and lots of yummy things.

apple and pecan friands

It is a rainy day here in Perth today, good soup weather. So tonight for dinner we had vegetable soup. The children love it. My version is so simple and easy to make. A turnip, parsnip, suede, potatoes, carrots and celery. Fry up some onions, throw in the rest of the vegetables. Cook in some veggie stock, through in some soy sauce, and there you have it. Vegetable soup. Pretty much the way my grandfather taught me, although he used a beef stock and was partial  to pouring in a bit of his KB beer too. Now and then he’d throw in a handful of barley. If there had been barley in the pantry today I probably would have thrown some in too. I served it up to the children tonight with some wholemeal toast and a boiled egg on the side. Easy peasy + empty plates/bowls = winner.

Red Pepper Sauce & Pasta

Yesterday night was a winner too. We had red pepper sauce with homemade spaghetti. Delicious. I do love red peppers or capsicum or what ever you like to call them so much. Yummo. It can be a bit of a hassle to char and peel them… but it is always worth it in the end. So sweet.

I saw orange bell peppers at the market yesterday. I usually just walk on by and don’t pay them a second thought, intent on just finding the items on my list. E. pointed them out to me. I held one, examined it and was almost about to throw one or two in the basket when I noticed the price and decided that I should perhaps find myself a recipe first. They were a bit pricey and this fortnight has seen economic blow-outs in every budgetary direction.

So orange bell peppers… do you cook with them? What do you make???

What have you been having for dinner at your place?


  1. Hmmm love the sound of dinner tonight. Nothing like soup and of course toast.
    I love peppers, thoughI don't usually bother with the orange capsicums i have found them tasteless, but my favourite are the yellow which when good are worth the extra penny and are sooo sweet and a bit more gentle than the red, you don't need to remove the skins so much with the yellow.
    anyway the yellow ones ( at least over here) are very very good at the moment, i loved them both raw, in sandwiches and cooked in pasta sauces etc.
    hope that helps! xo

  2. In our house we prefer the orange and yellow capsicums. They are sweeter and less bitter. Lovely on a slice of freshley baked bread, butter, slice of cheese and some slices of yellow capsicum!

  3. Love all capsicums. My fave recipe right now is something we eat here in Spain alot as tapas ~ chargrilled peppers (red, yellow or orange ~ all taste good), draped over a sliced piece of baguette that has been drizzled with the tiniest bit of olive oil, and topped with a slice of brie, then put under the grill for just a minute until bubbly but not brown. Serve with vino!

  4. God those friands look might good - - nom nom nom.

  5. Ooh those friands look delicious! I have been wanting to make my own pasta. My aunty bought me the pasta attachment for my kitchenaid about a year ago and I am yet to test it out. It's on the to do list though.

  6. Lots of home made soup around here too. Last night I made pizza from scratch and tonight it's chicken enchilada's. Yum! :)

  7. Yep definitely a master chef!
    We like raw capcicums straight of the bush if we can get them, I am yet to chargrill and peel mine :-)

  8. wow home made pasta. thats very impressive :) love the soup recipe. have never put soy sauce in soup, so will it a go. hubby would love the idea of beer into it too!! cant say ive ever bought ornage peppers, but i agree with everyone, yellow are pretty good. i never buy green, way to bitter.

  9. I am totally loving this cool change. Soup and casserole has been high on our list of meals, can't get enough of them :)

  10. Baked custard and friands, yum! Glad you are having a lovely time in the kitchen.

  11. yum! i like the cute marks from your friand tin.

  12. Yummo indeedo. Gosh those friands are pretty, so delicious at your blog today, love Posie

  13. right on time! I was just thinking what to cook on weekend.
    Looks so delicious mm.
    One weekend without meat - sounds great

  14. All food posted on pictures looks so tasty.
    I am totally loving this cool change.


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