Tuesday, May 15, 2012

a colourful square and a bag full of white

Far Pavilion SquareThe second square for the crochet-along is finished.  It came together quickly and if it hadn’t been for a sleepless little helper would have been hooked up in a night.

Far Pavilion Square 2

It is much bigger than the first square I made. I’m not really fussed about that though. I’ll just hook up the squares as they come and then when they’re all made I’ll make some more, add rows to some, perhaps strip back others… I’ll make ‘em fit into an afghan somehow. I’m enjoying the organic way in which this afghan will come together - I have no idea what is to come. An exercise in having fun with colour and letting what will be … be.

Far Pavilion Square 3


Balancing the colour and randomness of the crochet along is my planned winter project. I bought the yarn at the  last BWM end of year sale and finally the weather is getting cool enough to inspire me to start hooking.

lovely lovely yarn

I’m undertaking to make an afghan for my bed. Yep. Something for me and my dearest love to snuggle under. The intention is to hook it this winter so that it will be ready for the next.

a bag of frost

It will be known as “The White Blanket”, but with any luck it won’t prove to be divisive like the Beatle’s White Album was. In my imagination it will be singular in colour but varied in stitches, techniques and patterns. In my dreams my love and I will snuggle and cuddle under the weight of the love that will stitched and woven into the yarny fibres. In my hopes the children won’t get it too grubby when they jump into bed early in the mornings.

It is grey and rainy here today – perfect hooky weather. Time to delve into the bag and start hooking.

Have you started any new projects lately?

Got a special project planned for the winter months?

Will you be hooking today???


  1. Hi Sally,
    Love the idea of "the White Blanket". I dropped into BWM on a recent trip to Victoria. It was a bit scary for the bank balance, but planning to start something new with it, once I have moved along on the other 5 WIPs. Loving your coloured square too. Nice and chilly here in Sydney the last few days, perfect for snuggling up with hook and wool.

  2. Sally I LOVE the colourful square. So friendly and cheery and like your attitude of not being bothered by the different sizes.
    I can't wait to see this afghan, and think it will be much like the Beatles White Album , not for being divisible, but because, it is arguably their greatest album ( in my opinion, in what is a stellar line up)

  3. oh em gee, bwm have an end of year sale? i'll have to save all of my christmas gifts for that ha ha!
    can't wait to see your white blankie taking shape and that colourful square is just scrumptious!

  4. I'm jealous you're in the same country as BWM. I have some Bendigo and I wish I had more, more, more! Since you asked, I'm trying to knit a sweater to take away with me next month. I've started it, oh, a half dozen times now? I keep messing it up. I'm hoping I have it right this time--I cast on again last night. This sweater apparently exists in my life just to keep me humble.

  5. i'm loving the visual feast of all this gorgeous colour in your squares, but i am looking very forward to seeing The White Project!

  6. Love the colours of the first square, inspires me to get the hooks out again. Can't wait to see the white too.

  7. Ooh I love the sound of that delicious white blanket you have planned. My winter project is the same I had planned last winter, to finish a wool ripple blanket to use for this winter which is still sitting in my basket.... I must get to it!!

  8. Lovely. I am making up a whole bunch of squares make with left over yarn at the moment. Kind of going with any colour and hoping for the best.

  9. Your plans sound amazing. I can't wait to see what they become. Nothing better then going to bed at the end of a day and snuggling under a blanket you had made :)

  10. Oh, I bet that white blanket will be GLORIOUS! I want to make one too!

  11. I have always wanted to do that too, its going to look fabulous!


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