Tuesday, May 1, 2012

a hankie

Mr Clever hankie

This hankie has been hanging around as a work in progress for as long as I can remember. From memory I think I started it when I was around nine years old. On the off chance that you don’t recognise the character it is Mr. Clever. He is suppose to be all orange but I don’t think I’ll bother finishing him now. I’ve gifted it to E. who doesn’t seem to mind in the least that he isn’t orange. Maybe he’ll finish him for me one day. Frankly I’m surprised that this wee hankie has remained in my possession for all these years. I’m also wondering why I choose to draw Mr. Clever. I can’t remember him being my favourite. I always liked Mr. Happy and Little Miss Sunshine. Maybe it was the top hat and glasses. I’ve always liked top hats and glasses. That must be it.

Do you remember having a favourite Mr. Man or little Miss?


  1. Oh, very cute! I had a Mr Funny cake for a birthday once, have the pic somewhere. It was awesome! And we both love MR Men still- I just last night finished pj's out of Mr Men flannelette I picked up at the oppy, will try and get a pic tonight. Did you use Artex for that drawing???

  2. OH your hankie is gorgeous, and i'm soo happy you have held on to it all these years. Early makings are precious things to have. and I like him not orange.
    I remember always liking MR Bump, and Mr Happy and not so much into the Little Misses. though it's funny if I had to pick one that I am it would be either MR Worry or Mr ( or is it Miss Messy)

  3. Oh I still love them.

    I have been eyeing off their mugs. But I have so many mugs I dont need one - but I still look and owww over them!

  4. oh how lovey! We used to draw on hankies like that and give them as gifts to our grandparents at Christmas. I inherited one back from my Nan when she passed away.

    And I don't remember having a favourite MR or Little Miss anybody. Although I do have a Mr Men pair of pj boxer shorts that I love love love!

  5. I love your child-writing name the best.

  6. Is your name actually Sally-Anne or is it your middle name? Why did I not know this in that case? I need to inspect ppls drivers license better next time ;) I love all the Mr Men. We have all the books, except the new additions of the last few years. And none of the Little Miss, the kids find it strange that the books do not belong to them as they were given to David and I as a shared birthday gift pre-kids :D Linus fave is Mr Bump and Mr Grumpy, Ava's is Mr Grumpy.

  7. that is very sweet, i have a few little unfinished childhood projects laying around too. i love that this one has seen the light of day.

  8. MR and I have Little Miss and Mr mugs on a ledge above our fridge. I have Little Miss Scatterbrain and he has Mr Messy which is the closest we could get to Mr Grubby. They were the first thing we bought for our home after we moved in!


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