Monday, May 14, 2012

just another day really, except with a funny breakfast

So how was your mother’s day? Ok? Noice? Sad? Happy?

It was pretty much just another day of the week here, except for a rather odd breakfast.

breakfast in bedFrom what I could hear from the bedroom my big boy was director of catering. He went outside to the orange tree and selected the fruit that he then squeezed by hand to make juice. He choose the cornflakes and organised a tray, bowls, cutlery and was inspired to include a carrot on the menu. I could hear that his sister was willingly taking orders and following instructions, caught up in his excitement that it was mother’s day. No doubt she suspected there’d be cake later on in the day.

I received handmade cards and gifts. Delightful for sure. Best of all there were lots and lots and lots of hugs and kisses.

Dave picked up a cappuccino and a croissant when he was down the shops buying milk and bread. That was nice too.

If the weather was fine the plan was to have a picnic. But it wasn’t, so we didn’t. Maybe next weekend, or the one after, or just one down the track. Everyone has been suffering illnesses of varied symptoms and degrees so the  quiet day in was good for all.

We tried for a photo of me and my mob, so much tricker than it sounds.

me and my mob on mother's day

I wonder if E. will notice that I’m a weet-bix girl by next year’s mother’s day.


  1. what a hilarious breakfast! Mmmm...carrot...? We had a tricky day, waiting to heat if our five-week-old nephew was going to be OK after a critical heart incident (he is fine, sooooooo lucky). I love the photo of gorgeous you and your gorgeous babes, I have a series of about eight like that with us standing in front of the twelve apostles.

  2. Ha ha awesome breakfast! I remember the breakfasts we used to make my mum when we were kids. I think the only thing funnier than the food was the amount of mess we managed to make in the kitchen. That was always dad's job to clean up.

  3. That's fabulous! I think it's the same in many households :) No breakfast was made for me but both girls had bought me a gift from their own money which really impressed me and the little one played and sang a song on the guitar for me which was just gorgeous. By 10am they were all gone from the house! Kx

  4. that photo is priceless :) who needs happy cheesy it !!

  5. I love that photo! Happy Mother's Day :)

  6. I love how much effort our children go to with making Mother's Day breakfast. I used to get soggy cereal and rubbery toast but now the older ones are teens they put on quite the banquet feast.
    Gorgeous photo Sally :)

  7. Love that photo too! You look happy, and resigned to let your kids be kids at the same time. :)

  8. Hahah bless. Maybe he thought seeing as you had weetbix every day that you might like a special treat for a change? Happy Mother's Day :)

  9. Aww they did go to lots of trouble for you and getting freshly squeezed juice is very special indeed. Happy Mother's Day to you Sally. x

  10. That breakfast is adorable! And love love love your Mother's Day Photo!


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